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An effective siren has to overpower environmental noises and pass through sound-proofing insulation. Individuals who need effective and quality sirens for their emergency vehicle can go to LED Equipped.

[MINEOLA, 05/11/2018] — Driving an emergency vehicle is a risky business. Every time an emergency vehicle driver gets behind the wheel of an ambulance and switches on the lights and sirens, there is risk involved. It is vital to crew safety, therefore, for drivers to have good emergency sirens and lights. This way, motorists immediately hear, see, and identify the ambulance and move quickly out of the way to avoid a collision.

Recommendations for Sirens

According to a report published in the Journal of Emergency Medical Services, a siren is effective when it can penetrate sound-proofing insulation in modern automobiles, and compete and overpower surrounding urban environmental noises. Wayne M. Zygowicz, the author of the report, recommends an electronic siren with sufficient power that generates a wide spectrum of frequencies.

Providing Sirens for Emergency Vehicle Drivers

Drivers of emergency vehicles who require a siren that will help get them to move through traffic and arrive at the scene safely and speedily can turn to LED Equipped. The company’s 100-watt and 200-watt sirens feature high-quality materials that will last through any condition a driver may encounter at work.

The sirens of LED Equipped produce loud tones that effectively warn motorists and pedestrians to stay clear. Additionally, the company’s sirens feature industry-standard tones, such as Air Horn, Phaser, Yelp, and Wail.

In terms of siren features, LED Equipped’s sirens come in a range of features and styles so drivers can select the type of siren they want to use. Some of these features include:

  • Button or Knob Control Options
  • Handheld Units
  • Remote Mount
  • Dashboard Mount
  • Public Address System
  • Controls for Lights and Other Accessories

About LED Equipped

On top of offering sirens, LED Equipped provides high-quality emergency vehicle lighting, including LED deck and dash bars, police lights, construction beacons, strobe light bars, and visor lights. The company stands behind all its merchandise and offers a three-year warranty on its products.

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