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For the latest and most comprehensive reviews of residential developments in Metro South, South Property Sale sends certified real estate appraisers to review properties on the spot.

[PHILIPPINES, 11/5/2018] – To give potential investors and buyers up-to-date information about real estate, South Property Sale provides comprehensive property reviews of the latest residential developments in Metro South.

South Property Sale has an in-house staff of real estate appraisers who dedicate themselves to providing accurate information regarding the properties they are tasked to review.

Metro South’s Latest Developments

While not an official designation or administrative division, Metro South is considered to be the cities immediately south of Mega Manila. These include, but are not limited to, the areas of Alabang, Laguna, Cavite, and their surrounding areas.

Metro South has seen an economic boom over the past decade or so, with business parks in the area enjoying an annual growth rate of 6.2%. This influx has also created a demand for affordable residential developments in the southern reaches of the metro.

Places like Lancaster New City in Cavite have answered this need, providing people with a suburb that is distant enough from the hustle and bustle of Metro Manila, while affording easy access to the central business districts.

South Property Sale’s Comprehensive Reviews

To give people an accurate and comprehensive review of residential developments, South Property Sale sends members of its in-house team of certified real estate appraisers to the specific property developments. Once there, they take tours as anonymous buyers to gain access to an unbiased look of the property.

These same appraisers will then research further about the property and compare it with other developments in the area, to give readers a side-by-side comparison of residential developments in Metro South.

About South Property Sale

South Property Sale is committed to giving reviews that are honest and without bias to provide the potential investor or buyer accurate and relevant information about specific developments. To learn more about what properties they’ve reviewed so far, visit their website at