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The Director of SESL Australia has released a new book in collaboration with Angus Stewart. The book is called ‘Grow Your Own’ and provides expert information on techniques to grow your own edible plants in the city, helping anybody to become an urban farmer.

More About Grow Your Own

Grow Your Own contains all of the expert advice needed along with many techniques to help city dwellers grow their own edible plants. Urban environments require special techniques to provide the right conditions for plants to grow. Readers are instructed from scratch on how to do this in the accessible guide, with many helpful photographs.

In this detailed book, step by step methods are laid out, allowing the average city dweller to grow food plants in a way that suits them. It doesn’t matter where you are located, you will be able to grow plants whatever your time scale and resources permit. Whether you have a backyard or nothing but an apartment balcony, the book is designed to help you.

Some of the many topics covered include:

– creating the best environment for growing (influenced by water/temperature/light/air quality) setting up the soil; fertilisers, compost and worm farms; choosing crops (annual/perennial/heirloom/modern)
– propagation
– planting and maintenance
– pest and disease management
– seed saving
– rooftop spaces and vertical gardens
– integrated urban farming including bees and poultry

More About Simon Leake

Simon Leake is the founder of SESL Environment and Soil Science, a company offering soil science and horticultural testing and advice. While working across all soil-science related industries, Simon’s particular interest is in urban soil science and organic waste management. He is also the other author of Soils for Landscape Development.

In 2016 The Australian Institute of Horticulture recognised him as Horticulturist of the Year.

More About SESL Australia

SESL Australia offer a number of services, including:

– Environmental consulting
– Expert soil advice
– Ground water monitoring
– Land contamination
– Soil testing

The team at SESL Australia are committed to bringing science to your project as well as providing easy to understand advice. Scientists take all of the guesswork out of it for you, helping to save time and money. The NATA accredited laboratory provides accurate testing results, and many consider SESL Australia to be the most flexible and diverse soil consulting business in Australia. Customized test packages for clients, and the team have over 30 years industry experience.

SESL Australia does environmental consulting in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and the ACT with offices in each location.

Simon Leake
Company: SESL Australia
Address: 16 Chilvers Rd, Thornleigh, NSW 2120, Australia
Phone Number: 1300 30 40 80