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Several types of digital appliances are vulnerable to power surges. Rockwall Electric offers customers its services to protect their homes from power spikes.

[ROCKWALL, 05/10/2018] – Appliances, handheld gadgets, and computers are vulnerable to power surges. Rockwall Electric ensures that its customers have the surge protection they need.

Wiring Problems Damage Circuits

The flow of too much electricity through wires can fry the circuits in sensitive electronics. Appliances as such can become expensive junk in the long run.

Rockwall Electric says electricity spikes for a couple of reasons. Lightning strikes on power lines serve as one good example. This can send millions of volts searing through any wiring. Even motor-driven appliances cause surges, as they use huge amounts of power when they kick on and off.

Power spikes can occur in less dramatic ways. For smaller electrical products, power cycles may not be as obvious as the spikes in central air-conditioning units. The use of a hair dryer every day can cause gradual damage to the circuit of a microwave.

Surge Suppressors

It is still possible to protect digital electronics with surge suppressors. Rockwall Electric says such devices suppress a fluctuating power supply through the diversion of excess voltage to a ground wire.

Homeowners can find many types of whole-house surge suppressors. None of these, however, can stand up to the enormous power spike caused by lightning. Some protectors mount on a circuit breaker panel indoors. Others mount at an electric meter’s base.

Anyone in need of suppressors can find a variety of options for a lot of applications. These include a single-plug wall unit and a rack-mounted setup that covers an entire entertainment system.

Those who are not able to stoop to turn on the switch use models that come with remote controls. Some pivoting protectors can accommodate any adapter.

“We can rest easy knowing our master electrician on staff will consult with you to make your home electrical safe, secure and reliable,” Rockwall Electric tells its customers.

About Rockwall Electric

Rockwall Electric has been in providing services in North Texas for more than 24 years. Its trusted and reliable electricians provide troubleshooting, light installations, LED energy saving conversions, outlet repair, switch replacement, and other services. Owned and operated by a Master Electrician, Rockwall Electric provides fast, dependable work. The company has been voted the Best Rockwall Electrician for six consecutive years since 2012.

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