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Ensuring great customer experience is a surefire way to attract and retain users. Realization of this fact is, probably, one of the major steps to withstanding severe competition, irrespective of the business niche and size. By winning customer loyalty, owners of eCommerce websites grow their client base and boost business profitability. These are the major purposes pursued by MageWorx, which is right about to offer its clients two advanced eCommerce extensions for Magento 2 – the Reward Points and the Store Credits and Refunds.

Magento 2 Reward Points extension offers customer reward for their web store activity, including repeated purchases, sharing business info, retaining the earned money, writing product reviews etc. The extension, which is available here , provides multiple merits, such as flexible system of assigning reward points, setting their exchange rates, email notifications, reward points for different groups of customers, expiration dates of points etc. Users will also appreciate a convenient system of point management as well as an ability to import/export the earned points. If there is such a need, customers may also buy and share the points they own.

Another extension aimed at retaining customers is Magento 2 Store Credits and Refunds. The extension is going to provide a complete set of tools needed for effective and correct in-store currency management. If used properly, the tools can help boost the sales volume by adding web store credits for all the planned purchases, developing pricing schemes with these credits etc. What’s more, the extension, which is found at this page , ensures full control over the credit balance of each registered customer, the ability to issue full or partial refunds with the credits, automated notifications about the credit balance etc. It is possible to add in-store currency either manually or automatically here.

Both extensions are still under development and will be released by MageWorx in the nearest future. What’s important, the developers offer free lifetime support and updates of the extensions after their release.

About the Company:

MageWorx is a renowned, dynamic and powerful company, which focuses on the development and enhancement of innovative eCommerce solutions for Magento and Magento 2. The foundation of the company dates back to 2008. Since that time, MageWorx has notably evolved to become a reputable developer of eCommerce solutions used to boost customer trust and enhance shopping experience.

Contact Info:
Address: 222 South Ninth St, Suite 1600 Minneapolis, MN, USA, 55402
Tel.: (813) 985 14 76