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April 23 / 2018, London: Generating another wave of revolution, Loan Bank is again beating the market with its stunningly low rates on the guaranteed loans. After giving a huge discount to the unemployed in previous days, the company is all set to present new benefits to the borrowers. This time the interest rates and Annual Percentage Rates are the reasons to smile. The new changes have been implemented with immediate effect and the company is receiving applications.

Different from the common practices of the market, Loan Bank will provide its secured loan products on extremely low rates. Unusual flexibility of repayment schedules will increase the ease of borrowers. This new change will be applicable for good as well as bad credit borrowers. In fact, after secured products, we are also thinking to bring similar benefits in the unsecured short-term financial choices like no guarantor loans. The sole aim behind this is to promote the practice of flexible funding. People need a favourable financial atmosphere to achieve their financial goal and this step is the right direction to help them.

Arnold Evans, CEO at Loan Bank says – “We have very focussed approach towards our customers. We know what they need and what their financial priorities are. Every new deal, we introduce is in response of those priorities. We want to make them sure that if rely us, they are not doing anything wrong. By the end of the next month, we will be able to surprise our borrowers with a new offer on the rates of these loans. We are very much concerned about the customers facing issues like redundancy after Brexit. This is why the new scheme of lower rates in the guaranteed loans for unemployed.”

About Loan Bank

Loan Bank is a 24×7 online lender with exceptional, innovative financial solutions. Fair deals are the strength of the company and flexibility is its nature. The deals that borrowers get qualify all the parameters of flexible funding. From rates to repayments, the secured as well as unsecured loans stay pocket-friendly. Even the worst financial situation can find a solution here. What matters most is the satisfaction of the customer. Loan Bank sees no harm in doing even the most uncommon adjustments to make the deals satisfactory for them. After all, borrower is in the core of every lender.

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