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We are proudly announcing the launch of series of Children’s picture books under the title Dinner Detectives. It is a series of books which tells the exciting stories behind the origin of different food items and also provide an easy recipe for preparing the food at home. Our picture book with the title “A Fearsome Beast and A Dumpling Feast” is based on the celebration of Chinese New Year by the people and it tells the story behind the popularity of eating dumpling among Chinese during the New Year. We also have series of books describing exciting stories behind the origin of pasta and sandwich, so if you are interested in reading beautifully illustrated picture books, then you can order them online from us at affordable prices.

We have created picture books with interesting characters named as Aksel, Clementine, Sophia, Ying, and a dog to describe tales in an exciting way for kids. Our picture books are accessible to read and understandable by the kids of age between 3 to 8 years. The series of our picture books can help kids to develop their skills for reading and imagination, and they can also engage with complete attention to read them. Our picture books are also helpful for the kids to transform the way of thinking and finding the answers with creativity. They can think and imagine the pictures in their minds and make predictions about the subject of the story. Reading books and viewing photographs will increase their curiosity for gaining knowledge about the complicated words.

By reading our picture books, kids can also improve their focus to analysis the situations well and act like story characters to bring the case to the real life. They can enjoy reading books and develop problem solving skills too. You can place an order to get a picture book through our website and also read reviews of The Children’s Book Council of Australia and news channel about our Dinner Detectives book series. We also visited many schools in Australia for book reading in classrooms and motivate kids to read them. You can even get a T-shirt printed with the photo of your favorite picture book character at affordable prices.