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A great organisation, like Andrew & Andrew, will be able to offer clients a view of how their professional values support them when they are acting as conveyancing solicitors.

[PORTSMOUTH, 10/5/2018] – Andrew & Andrew – what relationships are involved? Andrew & Andrew champion great relationships when they are acting as conveyancing solicitors. Communication and trust are key to ensuring a smooth property transaction.

Conveyancing solicitors, such as Andrew & Andrew, deal with all sorts of people through different mediums during a house sale.

Some of the key relationships are:

• Conveyancing solicitors and client(s) – this is the central relationship at Andrew & Andrew. They are committed to clear and efficient communication with clients when they are acting as conveyancing solicitors. They listen to client needs and provide them with information on what is required of them at each stage so that they can keep their house purchase or sale moving. Andrew & Andrew also let them know as soon as there are any issues so that they are well-informed and can make appropriate decisions;

• Conveyancing solicitors and estate agents – conveyancing involves a network of professionals. If communication flows smoothly between them all then everybody benefits. Estate agents are still involved in property sales right up until completion when they will get paid and release the keys to a property. Andrew & Andrew have long-term relationships with local estate agents based on their years of experience as conveyancing solicitors;

• Conveyancing solicitors and local councils – occasionally, someone might need further assistance based on the results of standard local authority searches on their property. Conveyancing solicitors, like Andrew & Andrew, can help with this especially if they already have good relationships with the local council. This can save time and money in the long run as complications can be costly and may be easy to deal with the right advice.

Ultimately, a conveyancing solicitors, like Andrew & Andrew, needs to be ready to deal with anyone that comes along during a property transaction with skill, professionalism and in a manner that serves the best interests of their clients.