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Matthew Boley - ZB PR2 C318

Popular clothing and accessory store Zeal Boutique recently listed some “must have” accessories for 2018. According to Zeal Boutique, all of the accessories mentioned are either the latest fashion trends that will be hitting the shelves in 2018, or the continuing trends from 2017.

Zeal Boutique shared that, as far as jewelry is concerned, big pendant necklaces are out, while shapes and tassels are in. According to the company, geometric shapes, such as triangles, bar necklaces, and dainty circles, are the fashion trend of 2018. Zeal Boutique also stated that bright tassel earrings offer a splash of color that is very sought-after in 2018.

Zeal Boutique also indicated that, as far as shoes go, the “invisible” shoes that were introduced in 2017 will be hitting shelves more and more in the year 2018. Zeal Boutique mentioned that invisible shoes will appear in more traditional styles, as well as styles that offer an artistic flare, such as clear heel blocks, wedges, and even laces. Zeal Boutique also indicated that glitter is another emerging shoe trend in 2018, and consumers can expect to see glitter on both flats and heels. Lastly, Zeal Boutique announced that slingback flats and loafers will be making a big comeback in 2018.

Zeal Boutique continued its announcement by sharing that both glasses and handbags will be going from big to small this year. According to the company, this means that microframes are in, as well as smaller, more compact handbags, including fanny packs. The company stated that fanny packs, or belted handbags, will be embraced by a much younger consumer base.

Zeal Boutique closed its announcement by providing some company information. According to the company, Zeal Boutique was founded by two friends in Pascalouga, on the shores of the Mississippi Sound. The company indicated that it actually began as a hobby for the two friends. Zeal Boutique indicated that it now operates other stores, as well as online retail. The company stated that it was passionate about women’s clothes and accessories. The company indicated that its goal is to help women look and feel their best, appreciating their own gorgeous style. Reviews of the clothing company can be found at,-88.5599233,17z/data=!4m17!1m11!4m10!1m3!2m2!1d-88.5577136!2d30.3666872!1m5!1m1!1s0x889bef319cd9be7f:0x65d54ab69ec70569!2m2!1d-88.557713!2d30.36684!3m4!1s0x889bef319cd9be7f:0x65d54ab69ec70569!8m2!3d30.36684!4d-88.557713

Company: Zeal Boutique
Phone: (208)205-2630
Address: 636 Delmas Avenue, Pascagoula, MS 39567