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Miskas Wood Products offers quality shiplap made from Canadian White Pine, transforming dull and cold homes into cozy, warm, and stylish homes.

[GEORGETOWN, 5/9/2018] – Miskas Wood Products is offering high-quality wood shiplap for homeowners who want to add a chic, cottage-like effect to their home. The company explains that using this type of wooden board is an excellent way to transform a dull and cold space into a cozy, warm, and welcoming interior.

Areas to Install Shiplap

According to Miskas Wood Products, homeowners traditionally install shiplap on the exterior of the property. The board protects the property against harsh elements in an inexpensive and efficient way.

Homeowners can also install shiplap indoors to enhance their interior space. Miskas Wood Products says that homeowners can place the wooden board in their living rooms to add warmth and visual interest. They can either cover the entire living room with the material or use it one area to accentuate a wall.

Shiplap can also work for bedrooms, adding texture to the wall behind the bed. Homeowners can achieve drama as well by covering the entire bedroom.

Another way homeowners can install shiplap in their homes is through installing them to their ceilings. Miskas Wood Products remarks that shiplap is not just for walls but for ceilings, too. The wooden board adds depth to any room. Extending the material from the walls to the ceiling creates more space as well.

A Commitment to Zero Waste Policy

Miskas Wood Products uses quality Canadian White Pine for its shiplap. The company is also dedicated to utilizing a zero waste policy and sustainable business practices. It also develops, designs, and implements a waste management system that virtually converts all the waste into wood chips wherein local farmers use as natural fertilizers.

When ordering shiplap from the company, customers can purchase primed, unprimed, or primed and painted shiplap.

About Miskas Wood Products

Miskas Wood Products is a family-owned wholesaler that offers pine products to retail customers and professional contractors. The company does everything under one roof: chop, finger joint, and mill. This ensures quality control throughout each stage of the manufacturing process.

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