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Many home owners wonder when the right time to replace their window treatments is. The answer depends on many factors, such as the age of your window coverings, their functionality and energy efficiency.

Here are telltale signs that indicate it is time to replace your window coverings.

Discolored Slats or Blinds
Blinds and other window coverings may fade with time, due to Sun exposure. Blinds that have started turning yellow or are showing signs of discoloration, they may be losing their structural integrity, not to mention spoiling your entire d├ęcor. Inefficient window coverings may even cause your furniture and artwork to fade.

If you bought window blinds or shades for your windows a couple of years ago, and they look discolored or yellowish, it may be time to buy new window treatments that are more efficient. Many modern window treatments offer to protect your home from the harsh rays of the sun.

Warped Slats
While wood blinds and faux wood blinds look gorgeous on windows, they may warp over time due to heat damage from the sun. If only one or two slats are warped, you may call in a window treatment repair expert have them replaced quickly and without much cost. But if more slats are warped or bent, you need to replace the window covering entirely with a modern, energy efficient version.

Difficulty in Raising and Lowering
Another sign it is time to replace your window blinds is your blinds are giving you a hard time raising and lowering them or if it takes much more effort to do so than it used to. These signs indicate that the lifting mechanism of the blinds or shades is damaged, rendering your window coverings ineffective and difficult to operate. If this is the case with your window treatments, it may be time to upgrade your blinds to a newer model.

Incorrectly Closing Slats
There may be something wrong with your window covering if you have to constantly twist and/or tilt your blind wand repeatedly. If your slats barely move, this is a sign that the blinds or shades need replacement.

Unsafe Blinds or Shades
If you have young children or pets, it is extremely important that you consider childproof window treatment options for their safety. It is not uncommon to hear of young kids becoming entangled in cords and strings used to operate window coverings. If this happens, it can cause serious injury. You can replace these with cordless and motorized window treatments.

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