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Once someone has passed away, there are a number of processes that need to be taken care of. This is where a probate solicitors, like Andrew & Andrew comes in. They can help with much of the following.

[PORTSMOUTH, 9/5/2018] – Andrew & Andrew – the steps a probate solicitors can help with. Each client might have slightly different needs that a probate solicitors, like Andrew & Andrew, will need to address.

These are just some of the common steps:

Locating and reading the will – it is much easier to manage an estate after death if there is a will. Probate solicitors, like Andrew & Andrew, often offer will writing services as well, so people can make things easier for their loved ones before they pass away. If there is a will, it should name the executors;

Executor duties – it is the job of the executor to administer the estate with the assistance of probate solicitors, like Andrew & Andrew. If there are no executors named then this duty normally falls to the next of kin;

Applying for a grant of representation – this is the document that allows someone to act on behalf of the deceased with organisations like banks or HMRC. If a grant of representation is given to the executor, it is called a grant of probate. If it is given to someone else, it is called a grant of administration. Andrew & Andrew can apply for the appropriate document on someone’s behalf when they are acting as probate solicitors.

Settling the estate – at this stage, the estate needs to be assessed to check for creditors that may have a claim on it. A probate solicitors, like Andrew & Andrew, can help people to check in all the relevant areas so they can be sure that everything is settled. Once any outstanding debts are taken care of, the estate can pay out to the beneficiaries.

Locating beneficiaries – the names and addresses of everyone who stands to benefit from the estate should be in the will. If not, Andrew & Andrew, probate solicitors, can help to locate them.

When Andrew & Andrew are acting as probate solicitors, they can explain each step of the process to their clients so that they are well-informed.