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Everyone wants to make their hallway and entryway look attractive. Therefore, people look for the furniture that are uniquely designed and adds a sophisticated looks to their house. However, if you have an empty hallway, then it’s likely you’ve already run a lot of research in making it beautiful. Bespoke hallway bench is therefore one of the most versatile choice to make the space attractive. This bench can be equipped with shoe storage system so that your visitors find the entryway manageable with loads of space.

Footstools & More – one of the reputed names in the furniture world offers its clients with some best solutions while choosing the entryway or hallway benches. Here, you can get wide ranges of collection starting from vintage to modern designs. Durability – is the primary thing that the designers at Footstools & More usually concentrate on. A hallway bench can also come up with a coat rack stand which is much more inviting for the guests. If it’s a wintry night or a rainy day, a coat rack with the bench is an added advantage. Thus, an empty entrance can be transformed into a well-furnished space.

When it comes to designing a bench for your hallway, the first thing that you think of is – the style and colour of the bench. There are loads of designs available online and you can select the most suitable one from the list as well. But, choosing colour for your bench can be difficult as you have to match the colour with other furniture in the room or with the fabric of your walls.

Designers of Footstools & More offer a list of exclusive designs along with best colour combinations. So, you can order your design from the list or you can give a customized look to the bench to make the choice unmatchable. Your bench can be designed with high backs and carved side panels. This design adds a charming look to the space. To store small items, you can equip your bench with baskets and drawers.