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Tungsten Carbide , a China-based leading developer of carbide and cemented carbide products, focused on innovation and development products that cater to a global market base. To further reinforce their status as the leaders of their industry, TC recently unveiled a new consolidated website that showcases the complete range of the company’s products and their potential to fulfill custom demands.

Commanded by their never-ending appetite, TC has been pioneering the production of cemented carbide and wire drawing dies equipped with an internationally advanced level of automatic TPA presses, HIP over-pressure furnace, grinding machines and advanced testing equipment. The company follows a strict production processes and quality control systems that ensures consistent high quality in products. The company spokesperson said, “Our Company is an advantaged cemented carbide manufacturer in China and is dedicated to providing customers with integrated wear and cutting solutions. Our factory strictly controls the production process and product quality to provide customers with products that are cost-effective and satisfying.” He further added, “With our highly skilled and professional management working in our advanced production facilities we are engaged in the research, design, development, production, marketing and service of carbide and cemented carbide products to a global market.” The company appreciates that their market evolves constantly and to cater to the changing needs of their clients. Tungsten Carbide strives to develop new wolfram carbide products that are in keeping with the demands of the market. The company’s R&D department is responsible for figuring out the most pressing demands of the market with the help of customer services and developing high quality carbide products to fulfill those needs accomplishes this.

TC’s new website has been designed with the assistance of highly skilled web developers, who have developed an easy to navigate, streamlined website for a global audience. Tungen Carbide’s products comply with global standards of quality. The company has also earned various certifications as proof of their commitment towards excellence. The company has large worldwide customer base that extends to every part of the world including Europe, America, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Through their continued efforts and determination the company plans to expand their local and global customer base to become a major international carbide and cemented carbide manufacturer.


Tungsten Carbide is an international carbide, wolfram and cemented carbide manufacturer that is based in China with branch offices throughout the country and the world. For more information, please visit:

Company: Tungsten Carbide
Address: JinZhu Industrial Park, JiuXiang NiuHu Village, QingXi Town, Shenzhen, China