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Global Smart Contract and Escrow System with a Centralized Blockchain Model

08 May 2018, Singapore (Press Release) – Panaesha Capital, a leading Singapore based fintech startup, announced the launch of its first initial coin offering (ICO) ‘Feelium’ one of its kind digital currency which can be stored, used and traded through an integrated wallet and exchange services. At the end of its pre-sale offering, it aims to raise 21 million USD.

Smart contracts are built-in into the Feelium Platform. Smart Contacts will enable trade of products and services across the globe.

Feelium’s escrow service will enable trust-less facilitation of payment for trade across between buyers and sellers.

Feelium is the token that will be used as the medium of transfer on the feelium platform. The name Feelium is based on the utility behind the coin to simplify and personalize contractual transactions of real-world assets between people and businesses.

The Feelium platform has a few unique features such as a centralised blockchain platform in lieu of a decentralised platform, private key retrieval, and cloud storage. Feelium aims to be a one-stop trading platform that can be used by anyone, in B2B and B2C scenarios.

Feelium will only charge 0.05% as transaction fees for any transaction that occurs on the Feelium platform through the wallet. Buying Feelium does not have a transaction charge that is associated with it. The platform will eliminate all fees associated with lawyers and other third-party contracting, and escrow service charges.

You can read more about the business model on the website. Visit for more information.

The Feelium fund allocation includes the development of technology (technology build), human capital, cybersecurity, marketing, operations, and infrastructure.

In quarter 2 of 2018, Feelium will be listed on other exchanges. The team has not yet listed the coin for open trade as they would like the platform to be fully developed and functional before listing the coin.

Through Feelium, Panaesha Capital aims to build a global network, based on mutual benefits for users. Our goal is to build a platform known for simplicity, security, cost-effectiveness, speed, and a stable means of payment and exchange. Feelium wants to build an ecosystem that will lay the foundation for the growth and potential of global trade in the future.

Pre ICO is live now


ICO Structure: A hard cap of 21 million Feelium tokens will be available during the pre-ICO sale.

Pre-ICO and ICO sales have been running from March 21st, 2018 for about 2 months. The information for the pre-ICO and ICO sale is as follows:

Key information:

Pre-ICO Token Sale: 1 USD = 1 FCC
Company name: Panaesha Capital Pte. Ltd.

Company site:

Company contacts: Chavi Ahuja


Project Video :-