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Hairdressers experience repetitive strain injuries from hours working with uncomfortable equipment. Scissor Tech NZ offers Yasaka scissors and shears with ergonomic offset handles to prevent injuries and discomfort.

[New Zealand, 08/05/2018] Scissor Tech NZ, a trusted distributor of professional scissors and shears to hairdressers, offers a range of products from the Yasaka brand. Each product promises comfortable, ergonomic handles that reduce the risks of carpal tunnel syndrome and other health issues.

Common Health Risks Among Hairdressers

Many hairdressers experience wrist and hand pain because they work with cheap and uncomfortable scissors. In the worst cases, the pain could be an indication of more serious problems.

One common repetitive strain disorder is wrist tendonitis, also known as carpal tunnel syndrome. People with carpal tunnel syndrome experience a strange numbness and tingling sensation in the hands and fingers.

In more advanced stages of carpal tunnel syndrome, the hands lose their dexterity and gripping strength. The tingling and numbing sensations occur even when the hands are at rest, and can worsen to the point that the pain causes sleepless nights.

Sturdy, Ergonomic Scissors and Shears for Hairdressers

Scissor Tech NZ offers a range of Yasaka scissors and shears made with smart design and modern technology. The brand has been a trusted name in hairdressing tools for over forty years.

All the Yasaka tools in Scissor Tech NZ’s catalogue have an offset handle ideal for hairdressers suffering from repetitive strain injuries. Each tool is expertly constructed from hard steel, making them sharp, durable and highly resistant to corrosion.

Scissor Tech NZ offers each product from the Yasaka range with free shipping; items can be purchased using After Pay on the Scissor Tech website.

About Scissor Tech NZ

Since 1998, Scissor Tech has provided professional and reliable products to hairdressers from different parts of the world. As an exclusively online store, Scissor Tech is able to sell products for up to half of the price offered elsewhere.

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