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For students, living in a hostel is often their first experience away from home, and teaches many valuable life lessons. With various hostels across London, LHA London offers students the opportunity to live independently.

[LONDON, 8/5/2018] – When it comes to student accommodation, a hostel is where students establish lifelong friendships. The hostel environment not only gives an opportunity for students to enhance their social skills, but lets them learn how to live independently.

Independent Living

One skill that students develop as they stay in a hostel is learning how to manage their finances. Researchers in clinical and counselling psychology conducted a study that investigated the impact of hostel life on students.

The proponents of the study conducted semi-structured interviews to ten students living in hostels around the UK. In the interviews, the majority of the students emphasised that they learned how to deal with money by budgeting on the first week of the month. Results showed that for most of the young university students, this was the time when they learned how to save, spend and pay their bills.

The students also highlighted how they learned how to deal with their personal issues alone. At home, they were used to getting pampered by their parents; in a hostel, they learned how to cope with stress by seeking advice and support from their circle of friends in the hostel community.

The Heart of London Living

At LHA London, students are given the freedom to discover independent living. From studio flats where students can cook for themselves to catered hostels where food is served, LHA London provides many hostel options for students. At every hostel, there is no limit to how long students can stay.

A hostel run by LHA is a great place to meet like-minded people who go on to flatshare together. The experienced staff at every LHA hostel are multilingual and focused on promoting a friendly atmosphere.

About LHA London

LHA London has provided high-quality accommodation to students since 1940. They have thirteen large hostels that offer affordable accommodation for almost two-thousand people. All hostels are refurbished and modernized to offer students the best in London living.

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