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Preparing and servicing a home’s air conditioning system for the upcoming sweltering summer is essential for effective cooling comfort. Enhanced Heating and Air Conditioning are excited to announce their pre-season savings on AC tune-ups! Customers can enjoy the peace of mind their air conditioning is ready to tackle the months ahead.

Available on their website, , is a coupon for an AC tune-up for only $69.00! Pre-summer saving discounts on air conditioning services must be presented at time of service and can’t be combined with other offers.

Having properly working air conditioning is mandatory throughout the hotter months. Over the months of non-use, it becomes essential for a professional to service units in preparation for the taxing workload ahead. Pre-season air conditioning tune-ups are crucial to maintaining that cool temperature we all love on hot summer days.

A large part of tune-up services from Enhanced Heating and Air includes the overall inspection. A licensed technician will assess if any issues are present and clean the entire system. Over months of sitting dormant, the AC system will gather dirt and debris rendering it not as energy efficient. After cleaning the whole system carefully, the filter may be changed if needed. If any problems are found during an inspection, Enhanced Heating and Air can recommend the appropriate repairs to ensure a fully functional unit.

The great news for New Castle and Kent County Delaware residents, if they are in need of repairs, Enhanced also has a $25.00 off coupon available for any air conditioning service! The $25.00 off discount cannot be combined with the coupon for AC tune-ups. But if a problem is suspected the additional savings towards repairs is an excellent cost-saving benefit. This discount must also be presented at time of service.

Enhanced Heating and Air have said, “It is important that you have your AC system serviced regularly by a professional AC repair service provider like Enhanced Heating and Air to maintain the effectiveness of your cooling unit and keep it running efficiently.”

Services from Enhanced can also help keep energy bills lower. A properly serviced air conditioning system will work much more efficiently over a neglected unit. Kick off the warmer season right, and ensure you stay cool all summer long with an AC tune-up from Enhanced Heating and Air!

For more information about Enhanced Heating and Air visit their website at . If you would like to order your pre-season AC tune-up, they are available by phone at 302-416-4730.

Joe Brooks
Company: Enhanced Heating and Air
Phone: 302-416-4730
Address: 68 Albe Dr, Newark, DE 19702