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Optima International Solutions was established in South Africa with the aim of offering trustworthy freight management services at an affordable rate. Their services include traditional clearing and forwarding function, indent monitoring and procurement as well as staff training. The company is well acquainted with several importers and exporters and based on that they can provide the best possible solutions to their clients regarding freight management.

  • Clearing and Forwarding function:

The clearing agents at Optima International are experienced to handle the insurance aspects of the goods to be imported or exported. They have to collect data regarding the cargo firstly and then, determine the tariff based on the current tax rate of the country. After affirming and authenticating the collected data from the consignee and the shipper, the clearing agents at Optima International submit them to the customs clearance department. The forwarding agents at Optima International have the knowhow to segregate goods based on their fragility and come up with the best medium of transporting them.

  • International Forwarding:

International forwarding is usually done by air or by sea. The personnel of Optima International maintain a good relationship with the exporters and importers who operate through the air and sea route. They ensure that they have proper permit from the government of South Africa to conduct trade.

  • In2Africa:

The goods can be transferred via the land route or even by sea or air as per the client requirements and the type of cargo. The personnel can suggest to their clients the process of transporting cargo and will also guide them through the customs clearance department.

  • All-In-One Solution:

Optima International provides a comprehensive service at 1 point of call if the client chooses All-In-One solution. Then, the client does not have to pay any extra cost to the traditional clearing and forwarding approach. This category includes checking out import and export permits, ITAC requirements, NRCS LOA’s and other requirements.

Optima International Solutions use advanced methodologies to speed up the process of collecting data and getting approval from the customs clearance department. This is done to help the clients to move cargo much faster than the traditional process usually takes.

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About the Company
Optima International Solutions offers a comprehensive freight management service in both domestic and international areas. Based in Cape Town, the company provides traditional clearing and forwarding function, system design and implementation, in-house outsourced freight control as well as staff training.

Contact Info:
26 Frere Avenue
Flamingo Vlei
South Africa

+27 21 5578080
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