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Austin, Texas (webnewswire) May 7, 2018 – Based in Houston, Texas, with multiple locations within the state, Kyrish Truck Centers has worked to become a leading provider of commercial trucks for rent and lease. Their inventory includes box trucks, day cab trucks, dump trucks, reefer trucks, and sleeper and flatbed trucks. Part of Kyrish Truck Centers’ efforts to lead the way includes partnering with AEV Technologies, Inc., to bring cost-effective electric trucks into their fleet.

Jeff Kyrish, the Regional Vice President of Kyrish Truck Centers, is excited about the partnership and the opportunity to provide a lineup of cost-effective electric trucks. The company anticipates excellent responses from customers seeking new clean energy alternatives that are affordable. Kyrish Truck Centers has chosen to partner with AEV because of the great quality, connectivity, and sustainability of their vehicles.

Affordable, Sustainable Commercial Trucks for Sale or Lease

AEV Technologies, Inc. designs and manufactures compact, light-duty emissions-free vehicles for commercial and consumer markets. The AEV Productivity Suite comes standard on all AEV vehicles and includes GPS Location, Geo Fencing, Delivery Cycle Time, as well as Vehicle Management and Alerts.

Kyrish is pleased to offer the 411 commercial trucks to their customers to purchase, rent, or lease. The 411 truck is a compact all-electric utility vehicle ideal for urban logistics and urban services; this truck is also suitable for last mile applications.

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Robert Kumar
Chief Marketing Officer

About Kyrish Truck Centers:

Founded in 1976, Kyrish Truck Centers are International dealerships that specialize in commercial trucks for sale and lease. Kyrish focuses on heavy-duty, medium-duty, and severe service duty trucks that are available at nine locations throughout Texas. Kyrish also offers routine service or serious mechanical repairs from ASE certified mechanics that will solve any commercial vehicle problems and get drivers back on the road as quickly as possible.

For more information on Kyrish Truck Centers and the new AEV electric trucks, give them a call or visit their website today.