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Gelcoat Market:

Gelcoat are framed as in mold surface coating which is used to provide protective layer to substrate as well as aesthetic look to the fiber reinforced composites. Gelcoat offers unique properties and characteristics such as corrosion resistance, UV degradation and water absorption. Gelcoat is available in both brush and spray form so that appropriate thickness can be laminated on composite material to avoid damage in diverse conditions.

The global gelcoat market is growing owing to rise in applications in end user industries such as marine, constructions, wind and transportation. Growing use of polyester resin in marine, wind and transportation industry due to its excellent UV degradation compared to vinyl ester and epoxy resin has boosted the polyester resin gelcoat demand over the forecasted period. Gelcoats are widely used in producing marine products such as decks, ship hulls, motor yachts and power boats which need protective coatings to witnessed impact of water tides. Rise in demand for trading and increase in spending of high class people in boats for leisure has pushed the growth of marine industry along with rise in demand for gelcoat. Vinyl ester resin holds as comparative growth rate owing to use in marine industry in North America.

The gelcoat market witnessed a significant growth in recent years owing to growing construction and transportation industry in Asia-Pacific regions. Gelcoat are used on engine parts and other automobile parts to increase fuel efficiency and reduce weight. The prominent companies are focusing more on lightweight vehicles particularly in transportation industry which includes railways, ships and buses to increase the use of gelcoat in transportation industry.

The Global Gelcoat Market is growing at rapid pace and is expected to reach 1,450 million by 2022, with CAGR of 8.9% between 2016-2022.

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Market Trend Growth rate:

Data integration and capabilities are analyzed to support the findings and study the predicted geographical segmentations. Various key variables and regression models were considered to calculate the trajectory of gelcoat market. Detailed analysis is explained and given importance to with best working models.

Geographically, the segmentation is done into several key regions like North America, Middle East & Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe and Latin America. The production, consumption, revenue, shares in mill UDS, growth rate of gelcoat market during the forecast period of 2016 to 2022 is well explained.

The ongoing market trends of gelcoat market and the key factors impacting the growth prospects are elucidated. With increase in the trend, the factors affecting the trend are mentioned with perfect reasons. Top manufactures, price, revenue, market share are explained to give a depth of idea on the competitive side.

Key Players:

HK Research Corporation (U.S.), 
Ashland Inc. (U.S.),
Bufa Composite Systems GmbH & Co. KG. (Germany), 
Interplastic Corporation (U.S.), 
Scott Bader Company Limited (U.K.), 
Polynt S.p.A (Europe), 
Reichhold LLC (U.S.), 
Synergys Technologies (France), 
Fibre Glass Development Corporation (U.S), 
Bang & Bonsomer Group Ab ( Europe).

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