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Annandale, Virginia (webnewswire) May 7, 2018 – Dirt Connections, a Fairfax pool demolition contractor, released a blog about their pool removal services and the downsides of owning an inground pool in Northern Virginia. They list several factors that make an inground pool obsolete and why pool removal services are necessary. Dirt Connections hopes to convince the reader that the downsides of owning an inground pool far outweigh the positives. They then highlight a broad range of their pool removal services explaining how pool removal works and who to call when a homeowner is ready to have their pool removed.

There are several downsides to owning an inground pool; one is constant high-maintenance. Inground pools require a lot of maintenance and regular cleaning so that they don’t deteriorate quickly from algae accumulation. Inground pools are also tough to maintain because they must be drained then fully covered during the winter season to prevent the entire pool system from freezing. Inground pools are also highly prone to overflowing with precipitation and can then cause flooding and ruin an entire yard. Another disadvantage is that inground pools are costly and take up a lot of yard space. Some homeowners who don’t use their inground pool are wasting space they could be using for other yard additions like a garden or gazebo. Also, if a homeowner is putting their house on the market, having an inground pool may detract from the value of the house.

Pool removal services require that the pool be drained, then broken down for either a partial or full pool removal. A partial pool removal is a less expensive, easier alternative to a full-pool removal solution. A partial pool removal breaks the concrete and leaves the debris, then fills it with fill dirt, while a full pool removal hauls away the concrete debris and then fills the area with fill dirt. The blog is clear on urging the reader to take advantage of pool removal services immediately if they are dissatisfied with their inground pool so they don’t suffer the long term downsides of owning one.

Dirt Connections is a Fairfax pool demolition contractor specializing in partial and full pool removal services. They are an established, reputable, and experienced contractor that will complete any project they take on with high quality and professionalism, and at an affordable rate to meet any budget. For more information, visit their website at or call (703) 940-9949. You can also visit them at 8309 Crestridge Road, Fairfax Station, VA 22039.