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You can get line xvr video recorder online that enables you to work simultaneously with five formats that include HD-TVI, AHD, CVI, CVBS, and IP. When you buy the video recorders online, you would also get activated Line licenses along with it and also allows connecting up to 16 cameras. You can set up each channel individually. In order to work with the recorder, the IP cameras should be of the ONVIF standard. If you do not get an IP camera of ONVIF standard, you can also go for one of the 3,907 integrated cameras like CVBS, TVI, AHD, and CVI that can support Ultra HD. The latest video recorders provide access to all the primary functions of the Line software like creating users with various access levels, software detector, analytics in the archive, reactions, “Line Cloud” service, etc. The housing has the capacity to accommodate two 3.5″ hard drives for recording the archive. Another interesting feature of the new video recorder is that the device can also be connected to the monitor via a VGA or an HDMI cable. This will help in providing a display of true multi view of up to 16 cameras. Control is provided by a USB mouse.

You can also control and adjust the video surveillance system from any Line client workstation that runs under Windows. The Line client workstation comes free of charge. The system can also be connected to Android and iOS mobile devices. The Line XVR also works for local surveillance and playback while the mouse will help you in opening the cameras in the full-screen mode. Apart from opening the camera in the full-screen mode, the USB mouse also helps you in switching surveillance and playback. Remote management of the entire system is also possible. This also possible from any Line client on the PCs that run with Windows x86-x64: XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, Server 2003-2012. The Line video surveillance system has so many features and all of them are included. You can also connect a monitor to a device in order to implement video surveillance points. The analog signal is detected automatically by the Line XVR. The device also has the capability to choose the optimum operation mode. You can also use a client workstation of the Line software in case you want a more detailed configuration and connection of IP cameras. You can now get Devline wholesale XVR online

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