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Family solicitors, like Andrew & Andrew, are there for people through the various legal processes of life. Some of these are in response to life events while others can be pre-emptive to offer future security.

[PORTSMOUTH, 7/5/2018] – Andrew & Andrew – making things easier. It’s worth looking for a family solicitors that works hard to make things as easy as possible for their clients. This can include anything from being easily accessible to offering a wide range of services.

What family solicitors services do Andrew & Andrew offer?

Andrew & Andrew can help with many different aspects of family life. They are happy to discuss ad hoc issues, but these are some of the most common issues that they deal with:

• Separation – this covers divorce, dissolution and annulment of marriages as well as any other form of separation. As a family solicitors, Andrew & Andrew can help to ensure that all the administrative and legal processes are taken care of during difficult times so people can get closure and clarity in order to move on with their lives;

• Visitation rights – when acting as family solicitors, Andrew & Andrew can help people to have contact with children or grandchildren. They have experience acting on behalf of parents, guardians and grandparents all of whom might have a vested interest in seeing children. This might involve mediation and legal agreements which can all be handled by a family solicitors, like Andrew & Andrew;

• Maintenance – this is the term given to any financial payment, usually agreed through family solicitors, that occurs after separation that is intended to create some sort of financial equality between the parties. It might involve a lump sum, regular payments or a combination of both. Spousal support and child support are the most common reasons for maintenance. It can be quite complex to work out entitlement so this is why people use a family solicitors, like Andrew & Andrew, to help;

• Agreements – ad hoc legal agreements, like cohabitation agreements or prenuptial agreements, are common tools that can be used to define the scope of a partnership. Andrew & Andrew are happy to discuss any form of agreement that their clients might need when they are acting as family solicitors.