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April 25, 2018 – Philadelphia, PA – Alfred Abel Law Offices is proud to announce that founder and Philadelphia bankruptcy attorney, Alfred M. Abel, has been reappointed for a second term as chair of the Bankruptcy/Creditors and Debtors Rights Committee of the Montgomery Bar Association (formerly known as the Collection/Foreclosure/Bankruptcy Committee).
The committee was developed by the Montgomery Bar Association to provide education and support for legal practitioners with lectures and discussions on topics such as tax sales, bankruptcy, foreclosures, and confessions of judgment. Alfred Abel proved adept at these tasks, creating continuing legal education courses, which were effective at educating his fellow veteran attorneys.
The role also comes with significant liaison and outreach responsibilities, arranging meetings and communications with the Bar Association’s board of directors. In addition, the chairman is expected to act as a recruiter and mentor for younger attorneys new to the field. Alfred Abel is particularly well-suited in these areas, with a long history of mentorship throughout his 35+ year span as a practicing attorney.
Alfred Abel has been involved in the committee since 2000 and is grateful for the opportunity to continue giving back to the legal community of Montgomery County. With this reappointment, he can keep leveraging his experience to guarantee citizens of Philadelphia receive top-notch legal representation – whether that representation is for bankruptcy or personal injury-related, from Alfred Abel’s own law offices, or another type from one of the many worthy attorneys he has helped educate.
About Alfred Abel Law Offices
With more than thirty-five years’ experience practicing law, Alfred M. Abel is a highly qualified Philadelphia bankruptcy attorney. Along with financial law, the team at Alfred Abel Law Offices also provides legal representation for business law, creditor’s rights, and personal injury cases. Throughout his tenure, Alfred Abel has maintained his dedication to providing practical and effective legal advice to residents of Montgomery County.
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