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New York, NY – Abel Rain, Ukrainian artist, singer, songwriter and model has made a splash in the industry as a social media influencer whose Instagram account is lapped up by brands and followers alike.

The story of Oleh Shulzhenko aka Abel Rain is inspiring to say the least. He left his home country in the fear of rampant gay discrimination. But he used his experience as a motivation to make a place for himself in the Fashion industry across Europe. The talented artist and musical performer became a familiar face on the runways across the continent. It offered him an opportunity to work with leading designers and photographers like Christian Ferretti and Carter Smith. Today his presence inspires confidence in a diverse range of brands.

And that’s the second half of the powerful story of the young man who left fashion industry briefly after moving to Switzerland couple of years ago. He travelled the world and made New York his new home. It’s here that he got back to the world of Fashion but also moved on with changing times becoming a noted Instagram influencer. In the meanwhile he authored a book titled ‘Contour’. Racy and scandalous, it certainly made readers sit up and take notice. And that’s something Abel Rain does as a social media influencer as well.

His Instagram account stands testimony to that. Admired and taken seriously by his followers, Abel Rain has been getting huge traction in recent times. With over 135,000 followers already he has made quite the splash in the business. What makes the page much revered is also the fact that it reflects his deep understanding of the world of fashion, everything that spells trendy and cool. From accessories to makeup products and of course clothes, he has become the voice that followers take seriously.

Now Abel Rain is also making his presence felt on YouTube. With his singing and performing talent, this social media platform only seems like a logical progression for him. With his strong presence on Instagram and now with YouTube, he seems set to be on the road to becoming one of the most sought after social media influencers of present times.

About Abel Rain

Born Oleh Shulzhenko, the Ukrainian artist, singer, songwriter and model has made a place for himself in New York as an author and social media influencer.

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