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Conveyancing Store allows homebuyers and sellers to compare quotes from a panel of licensed solicitors. The free online service simplifies one major aspect of the conveyancing journey.

[RADCLIFFE, 4/5/2018] – Conveyancing Store delivers a platform to compare quotes from a network of conveyancers, solicitors and legal experts. The website, available to homebuyers and home sellers, offers its services free of charge to assist users in navigating the complexities of buying and selling their homes.

Reliable Service, Free of Charge

Conveyancing Store features a dedicated panel of solicitors and legal experts on its website. Customers can use the site’s drop-down menu to parse through the list of solicitors, along with the search tool should they need further information. From there, customers can view the rate of each solicitor and compare and contrast with others on the list.

Quotes are instant and free from obligation. Customers do not have to input any personal information to view or receive quotes. The only information required is purchase details, such as location, number of residents and country of purchase. An online form is available where customers can input the information to receive quotes.

Conveyancing Store only features reliable licensed solicitors on the panel. The lender panel is designed to simplify the scouting process and help customers avoid unlicensed solicitors or incurring hidden costs. Conveyancing Store also recommends obtaining fixed fees, which include conveyancing quotes, to help customers budget accordingly.

Additional Services and Benefits

Once signed up on Conveyancing Store, buyers have a retention added on top of the mortgage offer, meaning that as buyers receive a portion of the offer, part of the balance will be held until the completion of property works. Conveyancing Store also recommends adding exchange insurance to the quote, so buyers can protect themselves should they need to pull out of the deal for unforeseen reasons.

About Conveyancing Store

Conveyancing Store is an online service that allows buyers to compare and contrast quotes from a wide range of licensed conveyancers, solicitors and legal experts. Conveyancing Store aims to provide comprehensive and reliable services for clients looking to buy or sell their homes and to help them navigate the complexities of the conveyancing process.

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