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A property valuation report is valuable for home sellers, buyers and investors. Stamp Calculator offers a valuation tool that lets website visitors generate a valuation report for free.

[SALE, 03/05/2018] Property valuation reports detail an accurate value of residential or commercial properties. Generating a property valuation is a complex process that involves property inspection, planning restrictions, building structure and knowledge of all applicable councils and regulations.

A Report for the Court

Valuation reports are typically used for court matters. If a property owner is involved in a legal dispute concerning their property, a property valuation report offers accurate property information needed to support their claims.

Legal cases involving capital gains tax, probate in relation to a deceased estate, property settlements and stamp duty are some situations that require a property valuation. With an accurate report, property owners and lawyers can determine a property’s market value and other information related to the case.

Property Valuer

To secure an accurate valuation report, a property valuer is usually hired to inspect the interior and exterior of a property. They also take detailed notes on fixtures, fittings, property condition and construction materials.

Depending on the type of valuation, the valuer uses two or three valuation methodologies to analyse the property. They evaluate its income appreciation, direct sales or depreciated cost after comparison. After these methods, the valuer presents a comprehensive report to the property owner that identifies the property’s current market value.

Although a property valuer is the best person to contact, property owners are looking for more affordable and convenient ways to generate a property valuation report.

Get a Property Valuation Report Easily

Stamp Calculator offers an online property valuation tool that provides property owners with a free property valuation report. The online valuation tool makes a detailed report using surveyor’s floor plans and records, estate agency listings and archived sold price records. Reports made by the valuation tool include valuation estimates, recent sales, market trends and other market analysis information.

Stamp Calculator aims to deliver the report to customers within the same day of request.

About Stamp Calculator

Stamp Calculator is dedicated to bringing useful resources and tools that help property owners find the right information. Their main tool is a stamp duty calculator that provides clients all they need to know about paying stamp duty when purchasing a property.

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