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New Delhi, India: the new age of corporates is here. Translation India, a premium name in the field of translation and interpretation devices of conferences and events on rents have introduced silent conference system- the futuristic way of conducting a conference in this digital age. Now you don’t need to have a huge set up, multiple conference rooms, complex PA systems and the usual paraphernalia that comes up with organizing a conference or an event. Translation India brings a single system that is the future of conferences. The silent conference wireless audio system not only allows you to hold multiple conferences in the same room simultaneously, but also allows you to save both money and time!

You can have multiple speakers at the same venue at the same time! All you need to do is put on the silent conference system headset, tune into a channel of your choice and the transmitter attach will transmit the speaker’s vice to you!

Suitable for – exhibition halls expositions, product launches, breakout sessions, workshops, corporate team building, branding meetings, simultaneous interpretation meetings and more!

By renting Translation India’s conference translation services you get

Utilization of limited space
No need for multiple PA system, AV or chairs setup
Delegates can choose conferences according to their area of interest and liking
Highly cost effective as it reduces costs for logistics, equipment s well as manpower and big venues.
The same equipment can be used for simultaneous interpretation event. It means you get multi language translation facility under one roof from a single set up!
Highly time saving and reduces set up time as well as your headache!

Translation India is a premier company that has been providing hi tech conference translation services an interpretation devices since 2001. It is a renowned name in the field of wireless translation services. In fact Translation India has been responsible for several big events in the past which includes Indian Prime Minister’s Independence Day speech interpretation for international delegates since past 3 years, Pravasi Bharatiya Divas-3 day grand event for 5000 delegates in multiple languages, BRICS Summit 2016 interpretation services for 1000 delegates, Oracle Open World with 17 breakout sessions across 2 venues and 2500 delegates.

Translation India has also successfully organized several silent conference events in the past including big brand Amazon Web Services silent conference with 7 parallel breakout sessions under ingle roof for 2000 delegates. The company also provides silent disco headsets, simultaneous interpretation system, voting pad system, tour guide system and other translation services in all the major languages.

Translation India’s wireless silent conference system is well on its way to become an international success. If you too wish to join the futuristic corporate world and the new age of conducting a conference, then become smart and rent Translation India’s hi tech silent conference system at attractive prices!

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