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A new company based in Colorado has launched a range of CBD products in a bid to provide CBD users and animal lovers with an affordable natural panacea. Plantacea’s new CBD product line was launched in October 2017 to offer customers a more affordable alternative to existing product ranges. The name is a take on the word ‘panacea’, which is defined as ‘a solution or remedy for all difficulties or diseases.’

Plantacea was born out of extensive market research, which revealed that many of the top-selling CBD products were unaffordable for the mass market. The team behind Plantacea wanted to harness and promote the natural powers of CBD without isolating sectors of the market. In a bid to make CBD more accessible to customers, Plantacea launched its new range of high-quality products in 2017. The mission was, and continues to be, to provide the finest quality CBD products at prices that are affordable for the majority of consumers. Quality is essential, and Plantacea uses products supplied solely by Colorado farms that are registered with the Colorado Department of Agriculture and meet stringent quality control criteria.

Plantacea was established with two main goals in mind. Firstly, to ensure that clients have access to top quality products and secondly, to ensure that prices are kept as low as possible. Plantacea is committed to keeping costs down, and making sure that savings are passed on to customers.

The products sold by Plantacea have a range of uses, and this is a growing market both in terms of human and animal consumption. Much has been written about the benefits of CBD and Plantacea is on a mission to spread the word and ensure that high-quality products are accessible to a wider range of clients.

Based in the US, Plantacea aims to serve people who are interested in health, pain management and general wellbeing, as well as pet owners, farmers and animal lovers. As a nation that adores animals, it’s understandable that consumers want to do best by their beloved pets and Plantacea provides a solution for many common ailments. CBD for horses, for example, can aid anxiety and reduce pain and inflammation while CBD dog treats can alleviate joint pain and stiffness, induce relaxation and reduce the frequency and severity of seizures. Products aimed at human beneficiaries include CBD oil tinctures, which can help to reduce pain and improve mobility.

Plantacea offers an extensive range of products aimed at humans, pets and farm animals. Products are available to view online and order via the telephone.

Anyone who wishes to learn more about Plantacea and its new collection of CBD products sourced from farms in Colorado is encouraged to visit the website today. The site contains useful information about products designed for both human and animal consumption and details of how to place orders. Alternatively, they can use the following contact details to access further information:

Company: Plantacea
Phone: (760) 848-6041
Address: Las Vegas, NV. USA