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New York May 2018(Press Release) – Piezoelectric Sensor market is valued at 1.49 billion USD in 2016 and it is expected to reach 2.24 billion USD by the end of 2026, growing at a Growth Rate of 4.15% between 2016 and 2026. Piezoelectric sensors are the devices that measure the electrical potential caused by applying mechanical force to a piezoelectric material. Different materials that are used for segmentation for piezoelectric sensors are Piezoelectric Crystals, Piezoelectric Ceramics, Piezoelectric Polymer and Piezoelectric Composites. There are variety of pressure-sensing applications that uses Piezoelectric sensors such as alumina ceramics, single crystals, ultrasonic transducers. Piezoelectric sensors can apply maximum pressure of 1,000 psi and the voltage measurement range can be up to 5 volts. . Piezoelectric sensors are designed and manufactured to meet most commercial specifications. Piezoelectric sensors can be used to measure the generated electric charge or the mechanical deformation.

Piezoelectric Sensor Market is primarily split into Piezoelectric Accelerometers, Piezoelectric Pressure Sensor, and Piezoelectric Force Sensors on the basic of product. A piezoelectric accelerometer is suitable for working at a lower power consumption and wider frequency range and widely used for OEM applications. Piezoelectric force sensors are designed for generating analog voltage signals as these are low impedance voltage sensors. To measure change in liquid and gas pressure, piezoelectric pressure sensors are used. Piezoelectric pressure sensors should have risen time less than 2.0 micro seconds.

The Asia Pacific region is expected to be the largest Piezoelectric Sensor market during the forecast period by value followed by North American and Europe. Asia Pacific region is dominating as countries like China, Japan, and South Korea that are dominating the technological advancements on a quicker manner. These countries are using the piezoelectric materials and devices for various applications. Adoption of portable electronics technology and growth in the digitalization and information and communication markets is one of the major factors for growth of this market in Asia-Pacific. Rapid growth in urbanization and increasing investment by the global players in this region also the major factors for growth. These materials are majorly used in the formulation of a wide range of electronic goods including actuators, sensors, transducers, SONAR, generators and motors, which are also helping the market to growth over the forecast period.

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Piezoelectric Sensor Market: Competitive Analysis
Report includes accurate analysis of key players with Market Value, Company profile, SWOT analysis. The Study constitutes of following key players in Piezoelectric Sensor Market:
• PCB Piezotronics
• Honeywell
• Meggitt Sensing Systems
• Brüel & Kjar
• Kistler Group
• TE Connectivity
• Dytran Instrument
• Ceramtec GmbH
• APC International Ltd.
• Kyowa Electronic Instruments
• Piezo Systems, Inc.
• Metrix Instrument
• DJB Instruments

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Piezoelectric Sensor Market: Sensors Type
• Piezoelectric Accelerometers
• Piezoelectric Pressure Sensor
• Piezoelectric Force Sensors

Piezoelectric Sensor Market: Application
• Industrial & Manufacturing
• Automotive
• Medical Device
• Aerospace

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• Challenges and Opportunities
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• End user/application Analysis

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