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Bangalore, India, May’18: Delight Buddy offers balloon decoration packages that will add life to any event. Delight Buddy is the best surprise planner and party decorator in Bangalore specialized in birthday surprise, surprise gifts, balloon decoration, and much more.

Delight Buddy is a surprise planner company that deals in planning events, parties, wedding decoration, birthday decoration, and also arrange candle night dinners for the couples. You can avail their se

Balloon Decoration is an inexpensive and a simple way to make your home or party hall look attractive. Balloon Decorations makes your event amazing with the great visual impact of Balloon Decors and create perfect mood for any occasion.

Delight Buddy offers balloon decoration packages that you should know before you book:

210 Balloon Decorations:

1. A decoration with 210 balloons will cost you 1,199.00 rupees.
2. 210 normal balloons will be used for creating balloon arches and backdrops.
3. You can choose pink, red, blue or any color of balloon as per your wish.

20 Helium Balloon Decorations:

1. A decoration with 20 helium balloons will cost you 1,199.00 rupees.
2. About 20 helium balloons are used to decorate the floor or ceiling at the desired location.
3. The decoration artist will ask you that how you want your room or hall to look and tailor it according to your taste.

Balloons will be blown up at the desired location at the time of setup. Also, note that these packages are only available for Bangalore, Chennai, and Coimbatore.

Embrace the beauty of balloon decoration and create an air of memorable experience. Your party will be a celebration of elegance and grace with balloon arches and columns.

If it sounds great to you, please connect, your details would only be used to communicate with you, so feel free to ask any query or contact at 9742833334.

About The Company:
Established in 2017, Delight Buddy is an online based special occasion surprise planner. They offer customized surprises and gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and other occasions. Their customized services include balloon decorations for parties, weddings, photography, anniversary surprises, birthday surprises and candle light dinner arrangements and much more across Bangalore, Chennai and Coimbatore. They deliver their gifts all over India. They also deliver customized gifts directly to the customers for their loved ones.

Contact Details:
Phone Number: 9742833334(6)