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Save your health – master health checkup now at your doorstep
“He who enjoys good health is rich, though he knows it not.” — famous Italian Proverb

Modern day lifestyle has forced working professionals to deprioritize health checkup. The general tendency is to wait for a symptom to surface then hustle for a medical treatment.

But a routine checkup like a master health checkup could prevent warning signs of a chronic disease . A master health checkup is a package of clinical tests conducted to screen and assess overall health conditions. It can be referred to as an annual health checkup test.

Benefits Of Master Health Checkup :

1. When you undergo a master health checkup at a reputed clinic you avoid unnecessary tests at different places.
2. You have the convenience of getting all the tests done under one roof in a single facility centre.
3. Early detection of diseases.
4. Identification of warning symptoms.
5. Assessment of conditions of vital organs.
6. Early diagnosis of ailments.

Call health is Hyderabad’s first clinical home service to provide health check up at your doorstep.

With 91 hospitals, 94 diagnostic centres, 70 doctors and over 20 speciality and super-speciality centres as partners, CallHealth aims to make healthcare available at the click of a button.

Yes, at the click of a button you can receive the following services at your doorstep:
– Doctor consultation
– Diagnostics & Imaging
– Medicines at home
– Nursing
– Physiotherapy
– Personalized wellness service

Advantages of Call Health Service Provider?

1. Easy booking of an appointment via phone/web
2. Free sample collection from the comfort of your home
3. Tests are conducted at NABL accredited labs only
4. Reports are emailed & interpreted for free within hours; and a digital copy of test report is always available for future records.
5. Specially designed Vacutainers (blood collection tube) are used for sample transportation.

Happy life begins with good health. And good health needs to be maintained based on the results of a master health checkup.