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Tamworth-based supplier X-Pak offers flexible and cost-effective cargo lashing straps for exporting and transporting materials.

[TAMWORTH, 3/5/2018] – X-Pak, a trusted supplier of strapping products, offers high-quality solutions for shipping and exporting heavy-duty cargo. The Tamworth-based company supplies a range of cost-effective container lashing straps and chains for securing and transporting cargo.

Secure, High-Quality, Cost-Effective Straps

X-Pak’s supplies lash straps for a wide range of products and industries. The products are suitable for securing cargo inside containers, flat racks or directly on ships, and can be used for heavy or irregularly-shaped loads, including machinery and the like.

The lash straps are used primarily in industries such as Offshore and Marine, Oil and Gas, Freight Forwarding, Mining and Resources, Exporters, and Logistics Packers. X-Pak’s heavy-duty lash straps are high-tension and designed mainly for one-way use, making them a more cost-effective alternative to conventional ratchet straps or chains.

Cargo Lash Strap Features and Benefits

X-Pak straps are made with certified polyester, as proven by their flexibility. They are designed to withstand motion during transportation and possess considerable tensile strength to prevent any potential damage. The company ensures that their cargo lashing straps can secure load efficiently and minimise movement during transport.

The lash straps utilise a one-way system with sturdy forged buckles and loads. One belt end is looped around the buckle so it can remain taut under tension. The belt can be loosened easily if the cargo strap needs to be pushed in the other direction.

According to X-Pak, knots are not necessary and the buckle can hold even under immense weight. Users can loop the belts into small spaces and pull them out the other side to further stabilise any troublesome loads.

X-Pak’s range of products adheres to the highest standards of quality. X-Pak’s lashing solutions are certified and tested by international shipping standards such as Germanischer Lloyd.

About X-Pak

X-Pak is a supplier of cargo strapping and lash strapping solutions. The company offers high-quality products to a wide variety of industries, backed up by a trained technical staff and customer service team. All products are subject to the highest quality control, and are available throughout Australia.

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