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You may be all set for your next business trip, you may have checked for the best hotel offers for b2b and made all the necessary bookings. Now comes the difficult part – Packing. There are so many things that may seem important but may not be. Here’s what you can avoid while packing for your business travels.

Books and Magazines

While books and magazines keep you busy during long flights, they take up a lot of space. People who travel frequently should invest in electronic reading devices like Kindle. They are not only slim and lightweight but they also give you the freedom to download any number of books and documents without worrying about space.

Over the ear Headphones

Air travel can be noisy and chaotic especially when there are babies around. Even though over the ear headphone does an excellent job of canceling unwanted noise, they are bulky and weighty. Use in-ear headphones when you are traveling. They may not be as great but if you buy good ones then you will not only end up saving space but you will also enjoy a decent sound quality.

More than one jacket

Most Corporate Travel Portal would let you know about the weather condition of your destination. Coats and jackets take up a lot of space even when they are folded tightly. If you are traveling to a cold destination, then avoid packing too many bulky woollen items. Dressing in layers will give you enough warmth. Layering in merino wools is an excellent choice since they are not only light but they also provide sufficient insulation.

A lot of Denim

Solid denim jeans are ideal for business travel because they not only work as business casual attire but they are also durable and versatile. However, carrying more than one pair of denim is not judicious since they not only take up a lot of space and add weight but they also take a long time to dry. Since denim does an excellent job of hiding stains, one pair of denim can easily last you for a couple of days.

Expensive Jewelry

When traveling for business, keep in mind that carrying valuables will be nothing but a liability. Not only will you be constantly worried about losing them but they will make you an easy prey for pickpockets. Apart from theft, you will also risk losing them or leaving them behind at the hotel. For added safety choose dependable Online hotel reservation sites in India to book hotels. If you absolutely have to carry valuables then do not leave them unattended in the hotel room. Keep them in your carry-on luggage when in the airport. When you are in the hotel room, secure them in the room safe.