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Text My Main Number has been offering Landline Texting service for business for many years. Recently, the spokesperson of the company announced to offer text to landline solution for MNC companies. The offered text to landline solution has multiple advanced features along with the simple SMS features to support the communication of the MNC Company.
“We have all features anyone would need in an SMS solution such as contact management and grouping, group SMS, Auto SMS, so on and so forth. We have now launched an advanced text to landline solution for MNCs. Our solution can collaborate all different branches of an MNC with seamless communication.”, shared spokesperson of Text My Main Number.
The representative of the company briefed about features that are specially designed and developed for the MNC Companies:

International Texting
The landline texting service provider will offer texting service all across the world under this feature. Thus, an MNC company can connect all its branches worldwide with the texting to landline solution. The customers, vendors, staff, etc. can use texting for quick communication.

Multi-account Support

The MNC can text-enable multiple numbers have multiple accounts, one account per branch. The company can also create sub-account for a single number. For example, if New York Branch’s one landline is text enabled and (complete or selective) access of this account and its messages should be given to another branch in any city or country, it can be done on the fingertips. It means you don’t need to share credentials, just create a sub-account.

An admin account
The admin account of text to landline will let the main branch monitor and / or handle messaging across its different branches. This will provide many benefits to the MNC. Top 3 benefits are listed below:
1. Complete log of all conversations
2. Assured quality of service
3. Dispute management
This feature can also be helpful in devising training programs and to improve teamwork and collaboration among different branches.

API Access
The MNC company may have its solutions and systems in place. In such scenario, hesitant about adopting a new system can be there. The solution is API access. Simply integrate the APIs of text to landline solution in your favorite business software and use landline texting as an integral part of that software.

White label
The MNCs always prefer to have their own brand identity in any solution they use. Thus, the Text My Main Number will provide a white label solution to these companies. The MNCs can then add their logo, theme, signature and other brand elements.

Custom Package
According to the shared details, the company will create a custom package for an MNC to provide cost effective landline texting service with their preferred features. The company will also provide huge discount for the companies that will text-enable multiple numbers for texting.

About Text My Main Number
It is a USA based landline texting service provider that caters diversified industry verticals with its advanced texting to landline solution all across the globe. For more details, please visit