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In partnership with 3D Printlife, Keene Village Plastics is taking a step towards environmental solutions against plastic waste by creating the first complete line of eco-friendly 3D printer filaments.

[BARBERTON, 5/2/2018] – Plastic pollution has grown into an alarming situation of epidemic proportions. According to BBC, humans have produced 8.3 billion tons of plastic as of 2017, but only around 2 billion have been recycled. The rest will take hundreds of years to decompose in landfills, with millions of tons spreading to oceans and other natural habitats to cause “irreparable damage.”

Keene Village Plastics (KVP), a 3D printing product and service provider in Ohio, has always been concerned about this disturbing development and is always searching for solutions to become more environment-friendly. Together with 3D Printlife, a manufacturer of 3D printing filament, KVP came up with a complete line of eco-friendly filaments.

N-Vire™ 3D Filaments

The partnership’s N-Vire™ filaments are the first complete line of eco-friendly filaments in the 3D printing industry. The products in the collection are called N-VireBioABS (ABS), N-VireBioPETG (PETG), and N-VireBioPrPET (Performance rPET).

Unlike regular filaments, the N-Vire™ line contains 3D Printlife’s bio-additive. When companies send these materials to a compost site, landfill, or energy facility, bacteria can consume them, making them decompose faster than regular plastics and convert to carbon dioxide.

To make production greener, N-Vire™ products are wound on a spool created from 100 percent recycled polycarbonate. In addition, KVP pledges to donate part of the proceeds from the N-Vire™ to an environmental charity to reduce the impact of 3D printing on the environment further.

Eco-friendly Partnership

3D Printlife is a leader in environment-friendly 3D printer filament production. KVP is a leader in 3D printing products and the largest manufacturer in the country. They hope that their partnership and the release of their line will have a positive environmental impact.

According to KVP General Manager John Hosbach, this partnership is especially important because of its long-term positive effect on the Earth and everyone. He underscored the importance of having everyone strive to protect the environment.

About Keene Village Plastics

Keene Village Plastics is one of the earliest filament manufacturers in the 3D printing industry. Originally established in 2004 as Village Plastics, the company was a private label supplier for other 3D printer companies until Keene Building Products bought it in 2017. The company caters to both end users and wholesalers in the market.

Keene Village Plastics is the largest manufacturer of 3D printing filaments in the country and has an extensive selection of materials, colors, and sizes, all of which are the highest class of products in the industry.

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