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Amazon sellers fear experiencing overselling due to shoppers who lose out and snipe away inventory. Helium 10, however, assures its clients of the protection aided by its tool Inventory Protector.

[CALIFORNIA, 05/02/2018] — Helium 10 knows the critical impact of running discounts on Amazon to a seller’s success. Certain buyers may buy up all inventory at a discounted price. Helium 10’s Inventory Protector helps prevent Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) Inventory of sellers from overselling.

The tool allows Amazon sellers to set limits on the number of items an individual can purchase.

An Overview of the Inventory Protector’s Process

Helium 10’s Inventor Protector stops Amazon shoppers from buyers that cut into a seller’s profits. The Inventor Protector’s easy-to-use dashboard gives sellers the option to control the maximum order quantity for the entire FBA inventory. Amazon sellers can choose the products they want to protect, then set the maximum order quantity.

After clicking protect, Amazon receives the requests for processing. In a jiffy, sellers see their protected and pending Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASINs). Helium 10 assures its clients that with the aid of Inventory Protector their entire inventory is safe from overselling during their next promotion.

Levels of Assurance from Inventory Protector

Helium 10 tells its clients that the Inventory Protector’s user-friendly dashboard makes the submission method easy. It provides a status update to sellers as soon as the data pushes through, and as soon as Amazon verifies it.

The software suite tells its clients that Inventory Protector defends Amazon sellers against competitors who spy on FBA inventory levels. With the company’s tool, sellers on the e-commerce brand can run promotions with peace of mind.

About Helium 10

Helium 10 offers powerful and smart software tools for Amazon sellers. With a number of tools available, the software suite helps sellers find high ranking keywords, identify trends, discover the competition’s keyword strategy, wholly optimize product listings, and more.

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