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The Fossil ‘The Commuter’ Chronograph Quartz FS5401 Men’s Watch is not a modern day smart watch but packs in enough punch to outrun its smart cousins any given day. A dress/chrono per se, the Fossil ‘The Commuter’ Chronograph Quartz FS5401 Men’s Watch comes with a stopwatch functionality decent enough to count time for everyday events, including recreational sports. The stopwatch is built into three separate dials for hours, minutes and seconds. They respond fast, so you’ll face no delay to throw your counted seconds awry.

The Commuter is a stylish choice for smart people who know about the full and proper utilization of the hours. The Fossil ‘The Commuter’ Chronograph Quartz FS5401 Men’s Watch gets to work on time, every time; keeping pace with its sleek and modern design. Its supple leather band; its crisp, clean lines and its deep blue dial complete a look of versatility and sophistry. It’s made to meet the standards of the glamour and the corporate worlds; it fulfills all your work to weekend dressing needs. The construction and the clean aesthetics of the Fossil ‘The Commuter’ Chronograph Quartz FS5401 Men’s Watch makes it possible.

Commuter builds on a classic style with contemporary twists. Fossil fuses traditional charm and youthful touches, creating something uniquely desirable. Its smart look is bound to become a daily staple if you are into corporate power-dressing. Half of the credit goes to the crown and the pushers. They are clean cut, clean set and solid chunks of metal given a smooth tone.

The smooth, stainless steel case has a soft, diffused glow to it with a slim brown leather strap to pair with. The little bits of white stitching makes it pep all the more without losing the professional, sophisticated charm. It’s a quartz watch with the feel of a traditional mechanical; an exceptional offering from Fossil Mens Watches that breaks their fashion-watch image. It looks stunning but also adds the ability to do something more.

The Fossil ‘The Commuter’ Chronograph Quartz FS5401 Men’s Watch has lugs that slope down. This makes the watch leaving no gap between the strap and the wrist. That’s how the traditional watches were made. It provides a more snug fit and less play. It ensures some safety to the watch as well. Though at 42mm across and 11mm sideways, it looks larger and feels thicker than most traditional watches. A hefty classic? You decide.

Bottom line: Despite ‘comfort’ relying heavily on personal preference, the Fossil Townsman Chronograph Quartz Men’s Watch is gorgeous and comfortable for prolonged wear. Its sturdy and thick brown leather band and an exceptionally smooth case finishing do it. It’s enough to make you fall in love with it at the first sight.