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Stress has become a part of the routine for people today. “The everyday routine leaves a person stressed and overwhelmed,” says Dr Sundeep Kochar. “Going through the same tasks from morning to night irritates them and also affects the health.”

However, there are several techniques that can act as stress busters. The only key is to find the right technique for de-stressing. According to Sundeep Kochar, one of the best Vedic astrologers in India, identifying which de-stressing practice suits your zodiac sign is a must. Astrology has the power to curb anxiety and release stress, thereby making an individual happy and full of life.

Stress for an Aries comes from their habit of doing everything they possibly can in a limited time frame. They sacrifice in order to take care of others. While it is a good habit to be available for others and help them, it should not be done at the cost of one’s health. For an Aries, the only stress buster is taking out time to rest and loving themselves equally.

The fear of failure is something that brings stress to a Taurus. Losing in a situation brings them to a state where they beat themselves up and the maximum impact for a Taurus is visible in their neck and shoulders.“Learning to overcome stress and using it as a tool is the most effective technique for a Taurus to let win in any situation,” says Dr Sundeep Kochar.

Stress for a Gemini comes from the scenarios they make up in their minds. Not confronting people and hiding the problems act as two of the biggest sources. Talking it out is a simple way Gemini can let go of their stress.

Insecurity is the word that brings stress to a Cancer. Although people born under this zodiac sign are always very confident, but when they are having a bad day, being insecure leaves them dry and emotionless. Embracing the insecurities and accepting the fact that everyone has them will bring easy stress-free days for a Cancerian.

Not being in control of a situation brings stress to a Leo. Leaving the decisions in someone else’s hands is not something that a Leo can handle very well. However, understanding the fact that not every situation is favourable for a Leo to emerge as a leader can help them bring in a sense of calm and release stress.

Being the taskmaster and making sure everything is organized are two of the significant traits for a Virgo. Over thinking ruins things and combating it is essential. Letting go of the need to see if everything is done according to what they want can bring easiness in a Virgo’s routine, thereby making them stress-free.

When someone is unfair with a Libra, they get stressed. Not being able to understand if confrontation will provide a solution or walking away from the situation, Libra usually hangs in the middle. Taking a deep breath, making a decision and abiding it in any case can help them take stress away from their lives.

If things don’t go according to plan, Scorpios tend to be secretive and hide in their catacombs. Stress comes from these situations and they keep thinking about how or why things did not happen. Realizing that being secretive and shutting themselves off is not the solution, works as a stress-buster. Learning to be in the situation and control it with continuous efforts can bring the change needed.

The need for life to be interesting and full of opportunities is what a Sagittarius wants. Boring and stagnant things in life constrict them. Compromising a little bit and going with the flow can do the trick to make them happier.

A constant voice in the head of a Capricorn is ‘do more’. With this attitude, they keep pushing themselves and this leads to stress. Although doing things out of the comfort zone can be productive, it is important to rest and take break every now and then.

Stress originates for an Aquarius when things don’t go their way. Commitment and relationships are also in the list of things that stress them. Being emotionally detached is a common trait for an Aquarius when they are stressed. Facing the situation and letting go of the fear are two important things to practice in order to release the stress.

Stress comes along with nausea or loss of appetite for a Piscean. Finding balance in the things they do is something that defines their lives. Letting the stress out by engaging in physical activities and letting those emotions come and go are simple and effective things that they can do to calm their minds.

“All of us experience an array of emotions throughout the day. Stress is one such inevitable emotion that we have to deal with,” explains Dr Kochar. “It is in our hands to let it overpower us or be strong and emerge as a winner by finding methods that help us release it.