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ConferenceSeries Ltd is a renowned organization that organizes highly notable conferences throughout the globe. Currently we are bringing forth “ 11th Annual Congress on Chemistry ” (Asia Chemistry 2018) scheduled to be held during September 12-13, 2018 at Singapore. The conference invites all the participants across the globe to attend and share their insights and convey recent developments in the field of Chemistry.
Asia Chemistry 2018 slated during September 12-13, 2018 at Singapore will schedule and coordinate all meetings with our Editorial Board Members and other experts in the Chemistry across the world. The chemistry conference scientific program paves a way to gather latest information through the research talks and presentations and put forward many thought provoking strategies in Chemistry Conference.
The scientific program will focus on current advances in the research and leading strategies in chemical and analytical techniques with a theme “Envision the Progressive upgrades in the field of Chemistry” and the conference highlights are: Geochemistry, Analytical Chemistry, quantum Chemistry,Organic&Inorganic Chemistry, Nuclear Chemistry,Eletrochemistry, Multidisciplinary Chemistry, and Green Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry and Synthetic Chemistry, Natural Product Chemistry, Molecular Biology &Biochemistry, Clinical Chemistry, Forensic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Theoretical Chemistry and more.