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To enhance the clean visual appeal and the accessibility of residential and commercial interiors, Triline offers zero clearance ceiling mounted doors. These door systems are built with an innovative design that addresses the challenges of sliding door installation and use.

[1/5/2018, DERWARK] – Triline, a leading manufacturer of internal sliding doors in Australia, offers a range of zero clearance ceiling mounted doors with clean, minimalist features. With its innovative design, Triline’s zero clearance doors provide architectural features that contribute to modern interiors.

Clean Structural Features of Triline’s Ceiling Mounted Doors

The design elements of Triline’s ceiling mounted doors provide clean, no-nonsense features that compliment modern minimalist interiors. One of these features is the ‘zero clearance’ look that creates the appearance of a modern gliding door.

This gliding floor-to-ceiling door is designed to hide the top track which is mounted flush with the ceiling, and eliminates the need for pelmets. Builders installing slide doors may previously have had difficulty concealing the hardware of the doors to create the illusion of a doorless entry. With Triline’s innovative design of their zero clearance doors, this problem is resolved.

Design and Smooth Mechanism Improves Accessibility

Because of poor track design, other sliding doors can jam and be difficult to open. Triline’s ceiling mounted doors address problems that occur with other heavy, clunky doors.

Due to its carrying capacity of up to 120 kilograms, and up to 350kg on application, Triline’s zero clearance door system is ideal for heavy single and double doors. To prevent the door from jamming, the door system has stainless steel roller bearings tested for up to 100,000 cycles. The doors are made from a range of materials.

About Triline

As the leading source of internal sliding doors in Australia, Triline provides residential and commercial interior solutions that are both functional and visually appealing. Established in 1996, the company started as a supplier of cavity doors and has now become a trusted manufacturer. Their range of internal cavity door systems is based on comprehensive research and complies with the highest industry standards.

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