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Toolkwip Pumps supplies a range of centrifugal pumps for the industrial sector, as well as a list of configuration options to ensure their products meet client requirements.

[Knoxfield, 1/5/2018] – Toolkwip Pumps, a distributor for industrial equipment, supplies a range of versatile centrifugal pumps designed for an array of industrial applications. The company also provides several configurations to allow their clients to invest in a centrifugal pump that best fits their requirements.

Centrifugal Pumps

One of the most common styles of pumps on the market, a centrifugal pump is an extremely versatile piece of equipment for the industrial sector. They have a simple design, require minimal maintenance and are made from durable materials.

The centrifugal pumps that Toolkwip Pumps carries include:
• Vortex/Trash
• Self-priming
• End-suction

Aside from the standard options, Toolkwip Pumps also supplies magnetically driven centrifugal pumps that are suitable for transferring corrosive chemicals. A representative from Toolkwip Pumps is always available to explain the technical details and advantages of the magnetically driven range.

Configurations for Centrifugal Pumps

Toolkwip Pumps aims to offer systems that perfectly match their clients’ requirements. They provide custom-designed options, taking into consideration the purpose of the pump and the environment in which it functions.

The range of configurations includes:
• Bareshaft pumps for belt-drive or replacement pump applications
• Hydraulic driven pumps
• Close-coupled petrol engine driven pumps
• Long-coupled pumps with options of either a diesel engine drive or an electric motor
• Motor pumps with close-coupled electric motors

About Toolkwip Pumps

Established in 1993, Toolkwip Pumps is a family owned and operated business that supplies pumps, filtration and flow meters to various industries. They are a major stockist and distributor for proudly Australian brands, from FLO-KWIP to Southern Cross. Each product from Toolkwip Pumps is made to help industrial businesses save time, energy and costs. With a high level of personal service, The Toolkwip Pumps team customises a wide range of solutions to meet their clients’ needs.

For more information about their products, visit Toolkwip Pumps at