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Accurate Franchising Inc. offers consultancy services to clients looking to grow their small business through franchising, as well as those looking to boost an existing franchise development program.

[West Palm Beach, 5/1/2018] – Running a business involves many complex facets. Accurate Franchising, Inc. arms first-time franchisees with the knowledge and resources they need to make their business fly without a hitch.

Sealing Success for First-Time Franchisees

According to research by the International Franchise Association (IFA), up to 95% of new franchises remain after five years, while 91% continue to operate after seven years.

Supporting the figures presented by IFA, a FranNet survey followed 1,260 new franchises to determine the success rate of this sector. The findings revealed that 91% of new franchises remained running after two years, and 85% of the same franchises remained in business at the end of four years. Both studies reveal a high success rate for new franchise owners.

While the success rate is generally high for new franchise owners, the complexities that surround a business can first-time business owners feel like a fish out of water. Onboarding franchise consultants can help first-time franchisees run their business more smoothly.

Proven Track Record for Growing Franchises

First-time franchisees looking to grow their business may turn to Accurate Franchising Inc. The firm has been leading franchise owners to success for more than three decades. They specialize in providing professional guidance through franchise consultants that work to help businesses flourish through an improved franchise development strategy, among other techniques. They offer help across many facets of franchising including franchise sales lead generation, international franchise expansion, and more.

About Accurate Franchising Inc.

Accurate Franchising Inc. is a franchise consultation company that has been giving businesses access to resources that can help them grow their business for more than 30 years. The firm started in 1986 with a single Signarama store in New York, which has since grown to eight franchise brands with about 140 locations across over 80 counties.

As the only franchise development consulting company that owns and operates their own franchise brands, they are well-equipped to arm their clients with a proven recipe for success.

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