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Gold Medal Pools Customizes Pool Designs for Dallas Homeowners

Gold Medal Pools wants Dallas homeowners to enjoy a backyard pool that reflects their lifestyle and preferences. As such, the pool contractor provides custom pool design services.

[FRISCO, 05/31/2018] — Gold Medal Pools, a family pool design and renovation business, customizes pool designs for Dallas homeowners. It stays updated on the latest trends and pays attention to each customer’s ideas. So, its designs reflect what the customer wants, whether it is simple or grand or somewhere in the middle.

Personal Approach to Pool Design

Gold Medal Pools is passionate about high-quality pool designs. It implements a personal approach in the design process, enabling it to deliver great aesthetics that reflect each customer’s preferences.

The Dallas pool contractor always gets to know its customers. The pool design team will meet with the customer at the latter’s home to exchange ideas and determine a suitable budget for the project. The visit also lets the design team figure out the most suitable pool design for the customer’s property and lifestyle.

Commitment to High-Quality Pool Designs

To Gold Medal Pools, customers’ happiness is the secret to success. As such, it is committed to providing high-quality pool designs for local homeowners. It listens to each customer’s concerns and pays close attention to detail, resulting in customer service that exceeds expectations.

Furthermore, the contractor uses its years of experience in Texas pool design for safe and efficient pool construction. Personalized designs, then, become actual swimming pools that showcase great craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology.

About Gold Medal Pools

Gold Medal Pools is a trusted pool design and renovation business in Dallas, Fort Worth, and Collin County. It conceptualizes and brings to life personalized pool designs that increase a property’s market value and curb appeal.

The Texas pool contractor has 60 years of combined experience that enables it to design and build high-quality pools for all customers. It adjusts to every client’s budget and ideas to give them a custom pool that they will feel happy with.

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Autonomous Vehicles Market: Pin-Point Analysis For Changing Competitive Dynamics

Autonomous vehicle is also known as driverless vehicle or robotic vehicle. It is capable of sensing its surrounding and navigating without human intervention. Increase in the number road accidents due to error by humans offers lucrative opportunities to the autonomous vehicles manufacturers during the forecast period, as autonomous vehicles are comparatively safer than human-controlled vehicles. Autonomous vehicles also help in the reduction of carbon dioxide emission in the environment.

They contribute to the revenue of various industries such as IT, technology, and electronics. Automobile manufacturers are focused on autonomous vehicles in order to meet the demand of customers, and also to secure their position in the market and improve their product portfolio. Autonomous vehicles can drive on their own without any human intervention, employing inbuilt software, sensors, and communication systems.

The driving capability of autonomous vehicles differs based on the levels of automation employed. Rise in investment by automobile manufacturers, changes in needs and behavior of customers, and the environment-friendly features of autonomous vehicles are expected to promote the market during the forecast period.

The global autonomous vehicles market can be segmented based on application, component, technology, and region. In terms of application, the global autonomous vehicles market can be classified into public transportation, passenger vehicles, industrial fleets, construction, mining, and agriculture. Autonomous vehicles are already played important role in the selected application that features controlled environments such as agriculture, construction, and mining.

Some of the benefits of automation in this field include saving in cost of labor and reduction of carbon dioxide emission in the environment through optimized driving. These factors are expected to boost the demand for autonomous vehicles during the forecast period. By component, the global autonomous vehicles market can be divided into long range RADAR system, LIDAR system, camera, short/medium range RADAR system, ultrasound, and GPS.

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Based on technology, the global autonomous vehicles market can be classified into automated park assist technology, adaptive cruise control technology, automated highway driving assistance, autonomous highway driving, and advance technology artificial intelligence. The advanced technology artificial intelligence segment is expected to play a key role in the global autonomous vehicles market during the forecast period. Automobile manufacturers and technical vendors are investing in artificial intelligence in order to gain competitive advantage in the autonomous vehicles market.

Furthermore, vehicle sharing services such as car or taxi sharing are anticipated to reach an optimal adoption rate, as people are expected to use these services more frequently due to affordability and convenience. This, in turn, is projected to boost the demand for autonomous vehicles during the forecast period.

Geographically, the global autonomous vehicles market can be segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and Latin America. Among these, Western Europe constitutes the dominant share of the global autonomous vehicles market, due to the high adoption rate of such vehicles in the region. North America is the second leading market for autonomous vehicles, following Western Europe. China, India, and Japan are the major manufacturing countries of autonomous vehicles.

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Asia Pacific is forecasted to surpass Europe and North America in terms of demand for autonomous vehicles. Adoption of autonomous vehicles in the developing regions such as Latin America and Middle East & Africa is estimated to be lower than that in the other regions. However, the market for autonomous vehicles is expanding rapidly in the emerging countries. This is projected to boost the autonomous vehicles market in the near future, considering the significant advantages of autonomous vehicles over conventional vehicles, and impact on environment.

Key players operating in the global autonomous vehicles market are Nissan Motor, Apple, Google, Ford Motor, Intel, Volvo, General Motors, Argus Cyber Security, Tesla Motors, Audi AG, BMW AG, and Mercedes-Benz.

Pet Toys and Training Market: Comprehensive Evaluation Of The Market Via In-Depth Qualitative Insights

Pet toys and training products are products made for Pets, which are used for playing and training purposes. The global pet toys and training market is showing a significant growth rate over the years due to the inclination of consumers toward adoption of pets. Toys and training products are extremely useful and help in the physical activities of pets, thus triggering the growth of the global pet toys and training market.

The global pet toys and training market has been segmented on the basis of different product and services type, material used, animal type, and distribution channel. On the basis of product type, the market has been segmented into ball type, interactive type, training products, and squeaky products. By ball type, the market can be further segmented into soccer ball, push and play, teaser play and others.

By interactive type, the market has been segmented into flyer, tugger, chaser and others. By training products, the market has been segmented into beginner training products, advanced and trick training, intermediate training and others. By squeaky products, the market has been segmented into bone, jumper, critter, hedgehog and others.

On the basis of material used, the market has been segmented into non edible toys and training products, and edible toys and training products. The global pet toys and training market has been further segmented into animal type such as dogs, cats, birds and other. Dog toys occupy a significant global market share and comprises Kong toys, Rope dog toys, Latex dog toys, Bone toys and dog training products.

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Cat toys comprise cat ball toys, interactive toys, plush toys, and cat scratching toys. Bird toys comprises bird toys, bird parches and other. On the basis of distribution channel, the global pet toys and training market has been segmented into online distribution channel and offline distribution channel. The offline distribution channel has been segmented into supermarkets and hypermarkets, and pet stores.

The global pet toys and training market is mainly driven by the preference for toys that are eco-friendly and rising propensity of pet owners toward buying pet toys and training products. Additionally, increasing humanization of the pets by the pet owner and treating them as a family member is also creating a positive impact on the pet toys and training market.

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However, lack of knowledge regarding the use of specific products for the training purposes among the customers is restraining the global pet toys and training market. However, rising number of natural and eco-friendly toys for pets are likely to create opportunities for the global pet toys and training market during the forecast period.

In the region-wise study, the global pet toys and training market has been segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and South America. North America which comprises the U.S. and Canada captures a significant market share of the global pet toys and training market.

The U.S. accounted for major share of the pet toys and training market due to the inclination toward adoption of pets among the population. Asia Pacific which comprises China, India, Japan, and Australia among other regions is projected to show the fastest growth rate during the forecast period due to the rising humanization of pets.

Shear Pins Market: Industry Analysis and Detailed Profiles of top Industry Players

A shear pin is a device meant to enable the desired result to occur after a certain force that is predetermined is applied. A shear pin could either work as a conditional operator that doesn’t allow mechanical devices to function without the correct amount of force or merely as a safeguard meant to sacrifice itself in order to shield other mechanical parts. A shear pin functions as a connector from the shaft to the auger. A few common items that could pose a problem include –

  • A frozen newspaper thrown on the driveway during the winter

  • A lawn ornament such as a garden gnome that has blown into the walkway

  • A children’s toy accidentally forgotten in the backyard

  • A dog’s leash

  • A package delivered on the doorstep

If not for the shear pin, the augur shaft or gear case could be extensively damaged. It may not even be possible to repair the damage without professional help. With the fail-safe design provided by the shear pin, it is possible to replace minute parts and resume work as soon as possible, provided a few spares are on hand.

Shear Pins Market: About Safeguard Shear Pins

Shear pins function as safety devices meant to shear during an excessive mechanical load. Shear pins prevent costly parts from suffering damage. Shear pins serve as mechanical sacrificial lambs and could be compared to electric fuses. Shear pins are commonly deployed in drive trains including marine engine propellers or snow blower augers.

Shear pins also find use in large aircraft as pushback bars. In aircraft, shear pins typically connect the towbar (which is attached to the aircraft) ‘head’ to the primary towbar shaft. This is how shear pin failure physically separates the aircraft from the tractor. A shear pin is designed in such a way that it could fail in several different ways – sudden acceleration or braking or towbar rotation around the long axis. Any of these could be potentially debilitating to the aircraft.

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Shear Pins Market: Shear Pins Used in Weapons

On account of being low cost and highly reliable, shear pins are widely deployed in weapons such as explosive devices. A striker pin can be effectively held in place by a shear pin. This prevents the striker pin from hitting a primer without the required amount of force, which could be the acceleration during a rifle grenade launch. The force applied would break the shear pin, enabling it to move behind on to a primer that then ignites a delay in composition for the purpose of self-destruction. Thus, shear pins stop striker pins from hitting the primer in case a grenade is accidentally dropped.

Shear Pins Market: Shear Pins as Conditional Operators

As a conditional operator, shear pins prevent mechanical devices from functioning before the conditions specified are met. The operational force desired is given a unique threshold by the shear pin. Shear pins deliver a high amount of predictability and reliability along with being extremely easy to manufacture and cost-effective. Shear pins are essentially maintenance free and are operationally ready for many years with almost no noticeable drop in reliability.

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The sole flaw is that shear pins can only be used in one operating cycle; they need to be changed after every cycle. A number of designs exploit the ever-ready, maintenance-free state of shear pins. For e.g. – A hydraulic dampener meant to protect from earthquake damage should be able to take advantage of a shear pin. The system should ideally be rigid during regular conditions, but the shear pin would break during an earthquake leaving the hydraulic dampening system to function as required.

Shear Pins Market: Material Used

A shear pin can be constructed from a number of materials, but the most commonly used is metal. When a metallic object is made for any mechanical application, tempering is preferred to make the construction damage resistant. This can be accomplished by way of making the material highly elastic so that the metal reverts to its original shape after any deformation by way of external force. A shear pin is actually tempered to make metal brittle. This is done to make the shear pin shatter or break as opposed to bending with an external force.

A shear pin material is selectively treated to make it fatigue resistant. Therefore, when a small force that is inadequate to break the pin is applied, no damage is suffered by the pin. If material fatigue was able to weaken shear pins, they could be broken down by forces lesser than the initial threshold making the mechanism operate in an unintentional manner, or even during regular functioning of the machine the shear pin is designed to protect.

Shear Pins Market: Companies

Some of the companies actively involved in the shear pins market are Ningbo Jiangdong Gonuo Hardware Co., Ltd., Changzhou Bangde Bearing Roller Co., Ltd, Shenzhen In-Sail Precision Parts Co., Ltd and Dongguan Xiexu Hardware Products Limited.