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APRIL 27, 2018 – Vacuumcleanerplanet has announced its official launch, which gives consumers a brand new resource for trusted information on the best vacuums on the market today.

Shopping for a vacuum can be a challenge for consumers, who typically have specific needs in mind when they shop for a new vacuum. One of the biggest obstacles faced by consumers is sifting through such a wide range of features, pros, and cons. There are numerous types of vacuums available with various benefits, but consumers are typically in need of something very specific.

For instance, consumers with pets are usually looking for the best vacuum cleaners for pet hair, while consumers concerned with allergens might be interested in the best HEPA filter vacuum cleaners. Consumers who are looking for convenience might want to find the best handheld vacuum cleaners.

The team at Vacuumcleanerplanet understands the needs of consumers on the hunt for the best vacuum cleaners on the market, and they’ve crafted a go-to resource that offers everything vacuum cleaner shoppers could possibly need to make an informed purchasing decision.

When visitors arrive at the Vacuumcleanerplanet homepage, they are greeted by an ultimate guide to home cleaning. In this easy to digest guide, readers are introduced to using vacuums in their home cleaning regimens. They are also introduced to some of the most popular, reliable vacuum cleaners on the market with comprehensive breakdowns that highlight factors such as best features, price range, pros, and cons. Together, all of this information helps shoppers make the best vacuum cleaner purchase for their specific needs.

Vacuumcleanerplanet will continue to add new articles and reviews to their website with a mission to keep consumers up to date with the most leading-edge industry information on the best vacuum cleaners on the market. More information can be found at

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