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Recently we have been witnessing African style clothing gaining a lot of popularity. Unlike other classic and renowned clothing designs, African style clothing is unique on its own. With a twist of western and traditional African style fusion, the modern African style clothing for women has been gathering a lot of attention among the ladies.

One of the popular modern African design clothing is Dashiki. Dashikis have become very popular lately. A Dashiki is a colorful loose fitting pullover V-neck shirt. Originally Dashikis were worn by men mainly in western Africa. Today, Dashikis are pretty much worn by men, women, and children. Traditional Dashikis are generally embroidered but everyday Dashikis are often made of lightweight cotton. Dashikis are perfect for summers and helps in keeping the body cool.

The popularity of Dashiki has increased so much today that many celebrities such as Beyoncé, Rihanna, and others have been seen rocking the Dashikis. Similarly, many other traditional African clothing is coming back to this modern generation with modern styles and designs. People are enthusiastically dawning these attires with confidence and pride. You may want to check out the modern African style dresses we offer at Foalak Collections.

Just like modern African style clothing, Foalak Collection also sells stylish Italian shoes and bags for women. Our finest shoe collection includes:

1. Micah Italian Shoes and Bag: The Micah Italian shoes are purple in color and is completely made of leather. The bag also comes with the same color, adorned with simulated crystals which enhances the beauty of the product.

2. Lateefa Italian Shoes and Bag: The Lateefa Italian shoes and bag are elegant and affordable shoes and bag set. The set is made of glossy orange leather material embellished with crystals.

3. Melisa Italian Shoes and Bag: The Melisa Italian shoes and bag are purple in color and boast a golden heel. The bag is intricately beautiful, making it a unique collection of your bags.

If you are looking for modern African style dresses or Italian shoes and bag in the USA, make sure to visit our website We have an amazing collection of African style jewelry and clothes, Italian women shoes, and much more. Alternatively, you can also contact us by giving a call on 718-503-4040.