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30th April 2018: Mizoram is a destination with much to offer, in addition to its wide array of festivals and dances, flora and fauna, breathtaking natural beauty and brilliant climate, Mizoram is now turning into a magnet for investments & entrepreneurship.
With the Government of India laying special emphasis and having a focused approach of putting the North East India in the spotlight of growth and development, Mizoram is gearing up to highlight its immense yet unexplored business opportunities along with some unparallel advantages to the domestic and global Investors & Entrepreneurs
The Mizos are very friendly and hospitable people. English is commonly spoken. The joyful enthusiasm and the gregarious spirit of the local populace has been the main reason for establishing some of the most attractive tourism features in this beautiful state.
Today, Mizoram is a mix of this cross-cultural vibrancy with 92 % literacy (the second highest in India, a fact in which every Mizo takes genuine pride), gender equality and a vigorous pursuit of its ancient cultural traditions and social mores. Almost everybody in the state is a Christian by religion and yet haven’t allowed their distinct Mizo culture to fade.
The Government of Mizoram under the dynamic leadership of Chief Minister Lal Thanhawla has introduced the New Economic Development Policy which aims at providing Comprehensive Growth Strategy for Mizoram. The main objective is to bring about a sea change in the way priorities are placed in matters of economic development and governance to ensure that the State fully capitalizes on the new opportunities placed before it with the end objective of Mizoram being able to attain a robust and self-sustaining economy in the long run.
Conforming to the NEDP of Mizoram, The Government of Mizoram in association with Innovations India, their partners for state’s overall development are carrying out the MAGNETIC MIZORAM campaign that highlights various aspects of Mizoram and is fast converting it into one of the most desirable destinations of India.
Mizoram is all set to highlight various USP’s of the state and its mystic beauty, inviting visitors from across all cross sections of the society to visit and explore the possibilities of investing in Mizoram.
A lot of ambitious initiatives events like the Indian Film Festival Mizoram and Magnetic Mizoram Investors Summit in Aizawl have been able to create a networking platform for exploring ideas that would help the State to achieve inclusive and sustainable development by ensuring policy coherence and effective investment promotion.
Mizoram had largely remained unexplored for a very long period of time for a number of reason, but the state Government has now taken a deliberate decision to reach out to the world showcasing their beautiful land and immense opportunities thereof to attract the brightest minds from across the country and the world to ideate, showcase innovation and best practices, and discuss their application in the state of Mizoram for the benefit of the state.
“Investors, Entrepreneurs and Corporates are getting attracted to Mizoram for new projects as well as to promote business cooperation across various sectors of trade and industry to leverage Mizoram’s potential in key sectors like Energy, Power, Bio Diversity, Aviation, Oil & Natural Gas, Films, Fashion, Handicrafts & Handlooms, Silk, Bamboo, Grapes, Wines as well as Tourism, Horticulture, Adventure Sports & Hospitality…. Mizoram just became Magnetic”, says Captain Rahul Bali, Managing Director Innovations India and CEO Magnetic Mizoram Campaign.
Mizoram is a naturally green state and has a hilly terrain with a pleasant climate. The continuous mountain ranges and spectacular water bodies make it an ideal destination for Tourism, Film production, Adventure sports and Exploration.
The state is also the Football Capital of India having won almost all the major football tournaments in India.
Chief Minister Lal Thanhawla says, “Mizoram is getting ready to usher in a new era of collaboration, not only for investments but also for new skills and advanced technology in various sectors. Seamless exchange of experiences and innovative ideas would pave the way for various developmental projects being undertaken under collaboration with outside players.”
Mizoram with its New Economic Development Policy is ready to welcome the national and global business houses to kick start their business in Mizoram with a definite advantage to gain an entirely new customer base and an excellent opportunity to reinforce their existing business links and open new markets in Mizoram as well as showcase the mesmerizing beauty of Mizoram to the world thereby making Mizoram the most preferred destination both for Leisure and Business.