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Nowadays, gift wrappers, labels, ribbons, barcodes, etc. have become an essential part of various kinds of businesses starting from grocery shops to stationery centres, and gift shops. Most of these business owners must rely on other organisations for printing barcodes and necessary information needed on their labels. This practice can be very problematic at times if the organisation you are choosing for printing the labels on your product is not good enough.

That is why, owning a thermal printer which would help you in printing barcodes and other cognate information on your product can be really beneficial. Label Ales, the reputed South African company based in Cape Town is one of those very few companies that has revolutionised the thermal printing industry by providing innovative and efficient devices.

Since its inception in 2005, Label Ales has been offering a vast range of products and services to their customers. Here, those products and services are discussed below:

Services Offered by Label Ales:
This company offers mainly three services to their customers including:

a. Printing Trial Service: The printing trial service deals with the process of selecting appropriate ribbons for different labels. This service covers a large number of label types including Matt, semi-gloss, polypropylene, dairy film, and multifarious kinds of varnished labels.

b. Sales Service for Thermal Code Barcode Printers: Label Ales takes care of the sales of label printers for relatively smaller printing runs. These label printers are the products of direct thermal technology with unique features like speed printing up to 4 inches per second, easy label loading, and many more.

c. Label Bureau Service: This service offered by label Ales concerns activities like printing of necessary information on blank labels either supplied by the company itself or the customers, and overprinting on various types of generic labels.

Ribbon Options Offered by Label Ales:
Besides the above three veritably beneficial services, Label Ales offers a cornucopia of various types of quality ribbons to their customers. The list of these ribbons includes:

1. Thermal transfer ribbons

2. Metallic ribbons

3. Resin colour ribbons

4. Wax resin ribbons

5. Laundry ribbons

6. Near edge ribbons and

7. Wax ribbons

Other Products:
Other products offered by Label Ales include various types of Godex and Citizen Printers of decent quality and unique designs.

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About the Company:
Label Ales is a reputed company based in Cape Town, South Africa that offers quality thermal printing solutions. They offer a vast range of barcode printers, label printers, ribbons, etc. along with various related services.

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