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We receive lots of enquiries from businesses of all shapes and sizes. From new starts to well established businesses in excess of 100 years old. From businesses yet to have an income, to turnovers in excess of £35m. All of these businesses have one thing in common – and that thing is we can help them!! Whatever the industry, whatever your turnover is or however long you have been in business, as long as your invoices raised against another business we will find an Invoice Finance facility to meet your cashflow requirements. Our services are free of charge and with our panel of Invoice Finance providers across the country we can ensure you get the best quote for your business. We will stay in touch with you and review your facility as often as required, ensuring it remains fit for purpose for your business.

Recently, we were asked to provide a Confidential Invoice Finance facility for a supplier to the Construction Industry. Our client had several customers, some very large and with payment terms of over 60 days, and their largest customer imposing terms of 90 days plus, this lead to a substantial shortfall in their cashflow. They approached us to help with this shortfall and it became apparent that the facility had to offer 3 things.

1. Be flexible enough to grow when the client had several contract working at the same time.

2. Offer Credit Protection so that they knew every invoice they raised would be paid.

3. Help in collecting the debts in our client’s name, so that their facility remained confidential.

We went to the market and compared several facilities for our client. The one we found not only took care of all 3 requirements, it also provided the ability to grow to the size our client would require for any future expansion. This was all achieved with a Confidential Factoring facility and has allowed our client to grow substantially whilst managing their cashflow, along with the knowledge that every invoice they raise is included in the credit protection facility included with Invoice Finance.